What About Cardio?

Regardless hit protocol what kind of energy system work are you guys doing besides walking?

LSS work keeping HR between 120-150

HIIT work either sustaining high output for time or intervals

Not programmed. Just doing whatever I feel at any given time

Cardio is the shit. Can’t get enough of it man


Lift weights faster.



Running a mile. I hate it but running is essential to being athletic.

CF style WODs like DT. 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 jerks. Prescribed weight is 155 but i use 135. 155 added about 3.5 minutes to my time and was a strength battle on the jerks.

Interval runs (fartlek runs). Run hard 20 sec, jog slow 20 sec, run hard 20 sec, jog slow 20 sec, run hard 20 sec, rest 2 minutes. Repeat two more times (or more if you’d like).

Tabata intervals on the Airdyne.

Elliptical intervals.

And lastly, reducing rest times and doing combo sets during my workouts (bench/row, OHP/ pull ups, etc).

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Distance runs ranging from 4-13 miles

Weighted vest walks with an 80lb vest for an hour, with lots of inclines

High intensity conditioning drils (with and without intervals)

Boxing work

Rope skipping

Are you asking for suggestions or just what we’re doing? Conditioning is very goal-dependent, so we’d need to understand your goals to offer anything useful.

If it’s just what I’m doing at the moment, it’s some combo of bike, elliptical, and walking.
When I’m not being such a bag of uselessness, there’s some shorter distance runs and sled drags.

Airdyne. Sometimes steady state, sometimes ramping up, Hiit.

Rope jumping.

Bike riding and hiking is pretty much over for the year. Those are spring through fall.

I work with a roided up fitness instructor who will take an elevator up ONE floor.

He claims it’s ‘cardio’ and will eat muscle

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Just start calling the steps an “inclined lunges station”.

That will get 'em. :+1:


I both love and hate that guy at the same time without even knowing him. Bless.


He’s actually a great guy. Absolutely roided out his mind and claims natty status :joy: the permanently red skin gives the game away of course

I like bicycle hill climbs. It’s concentric only and low impact, plus its easy to scale the intensity up to an arbitrary level.

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I do 50-100 rep lightly loaded squats, I do full-body circuit training once a week, I also, occassionally drag a tyre down my local park continuously for up to 15 minutes.

In the near feature, I’m looking to maybe replace my Sunday long walk with an easyish cycle ride + maybe a not so easy ride a bit earlier in the week not really up my conditioning.

Honestly, I’ve been running a few miles a couple of times each week until the last couple of weeks due to an ankle issue I don’t want to push. I used to take my mountain bike out occasionally, but it’s been pretty cold lately, so I’m kicking around the idea of picking up either a spin or recumbant bike to park in our living room. I’d like to get back to short HIT sessions a few times each week, more for general health benefits than physique based goals.


If I may offer a word of caution: airdyne resistance is noisy. Very noisy. Like the sound system goes waaay up to hear the TV or music when I use mine.

Thinking back on it, I would have opted for a friction wheel or magnetic or something other than airdyne.

Kettlebells and swimming

^Truly impressive if that’s a single activity.


Same day, two different sessions if I am doing a weights programme at the same time otherwise same session, yeah. Swimming is only 500-750m though and not going all out.

I was imagining a dude in a pool doing side stroke while holding a kettlebell overhead. :smiley:


Circuit work is awesome - I’ve used quite a few from T-nation articles and really like them


Tabata work - rower and/or battle ropes - very painful

Sled work

Weight vest walks

Distance runs - used sparingly