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What AAS Makes You Feel Mentally Best?


I was just wondering what AAS gives you best mental boost. I had amazing boost on dbol. Literally felt like god.

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I’ve really only ever used test, dbol, HCG, and now NPP. I think test and HCG has always been a really good combination for my mental well being. NPP is great, but I’m not always in the best of moods. Usually it’s manageable, but there are days I go off of the rails. Nothing violent or anything like that, but definitely a little on the Manic side (not manic hyper, but manic irritable and paranoid).

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Dbol at a low dose feels like you just woke up in a good mood. It’s kind of the perfect feeling because it’s not anything that you’re really conscious of (unless you’re looking for it) but it just makes that stretch of time a little better. If I could do it I would run my trt at like 50mg/week and just add 10mg of dbol every day for life. Obviously that’s not safe long term, but man is that stuff just amazing.

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It’s an amazing compound. Is there anything elae that makes you this good? Or dbol really is the nectar of gods?:grin:

Test makes me feel pretty good. Haven’t tried a lot of different AAS, but Var wasn’t great for libido, so that is off the list.

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