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What AAS Give a “Sense of Well-Being”?

Some AAS are associated with a sense of well being like test and DBol, others the opposite in some cases like Tren. Those of you with a lot of cycle experience, which AAS gave you that feeling?

Anavar gave me a more mild, less amped up sense of well being. Whereas Dbol gave me an animalistic, savage sense of awesomeness.

I haven’t used it, but anecdotally, HGH would be up there.


What was your dbol dose?

Tren made me feel like a teenaged God. And and asshole if you ask my wife! :joy:

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I have heard you say you really like the way mast makes you feel. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak to it.

I have tried test. Good feeling on test. I have tried anavar, and feel about the same as when just on test, but maybe a lower libido (arguable if that is good or bad).

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Its pretty much part of my cruise these days.

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I feel good on Tren too, I think it’s more when you go to crazy doses you can’t handle you start to feel like shit. I can honestly handle Tren better than dbol

I dont know if was the source or what but dbol made me feel like shit and gave me some mild gyno.

Actually, I’m also running 50 mg var/day and I’m loving the test/mast/var combo. Its like boner magic for this old man

Dbol past 30 mg a day makes me super snappy and a dickhead, and I honestly don’t think it’s an estrogen issue

I definitely need to try Masteron for my cruise, what dose do you run it at?


Mine is 100mg/mL. That’s pretty much the standard from what I’ve seen. Its a little pricey compared to test so I’m only pinning 0.5 mL twice a week. I load the test and mast in the same syringe


30mg dbol

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Pretty much my ‘best condition’ stack. I looked the best, leanest and driest. Although var did bring my libido down, maybe if i used proviron in there aswell it would have been better.


This has not happened. Quite the opposite.


I think it is individual. It will lower SHBG in most, which will cause increase in free T (if on exogenous test) which will lead to an increase in E2. Lots of stuff going on that could cause both in increase in libido, or a decrease in libido. Or perhaps something about the drug itself has an impact on people (outside of hormonal changes in FT, SHBG and E2).


I’m considering a test/mast/EQ combo, should be awesome for my mma training aswell as keeping a lean conditioned look

@studhammer how old are you brother?

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Dbol is king of mood gains. Anavar makes me less patient. Epistane does nothing. Superdrol makes me want to slaughter an African village in order to secure a steady TUDCA supply.



Lol superdrol I actually have an old bottle of that in my medicine cabinet. The pro hormone right lol