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What a.......




The guy's comment under his breath... "Your obviously a nut..."

HILARIOUS! And spot on.

Altho, it is aggravating, in my opinion, that certain media uses their position to editorialize, but that's a topic for another time.

REPORT. That's your only obligation.


.....I bet she voted for Bush.




God Dammitt!!!! I almost broke my Fucking Keyboard slamming my fist down on my desk!


This shit royally pisses me off!

This is Horrid contemptuos shit!

Fuck all of them and when I calm down I'll tell you how I really feel!


How lovely would my boot feel impaling that empty scull of her's.


Fuck the Westborough Baptist Church, fuck fred phelps, fuck her, and most of all fuck them for brainwashing children into believeing this bull-shit. Let them rot in hell because i am sure god is shedding a tear that these people say that they are representing him.



That rabid fool did say one thing right - "Nobody is innocent"...

Especially her.




She is a complete lunatic. I hope people are intelligent enough to realize those views do not, in any way, represent true Christianity.



this was on mancow this morning



It has been a long time since I have wanted to slap the stupid smile off of someone's face that badly.

One of the things I believe in strongly is karma. What goes around, comes around.

Believe that.

I just wish I could be there, ringside, to watch her get hers.


By no means am I trying to start a debate, but I don't see any relevance to your statement. More people voted for Bush than any other candidate. And I am absolutely positive, although I have no proof, that very few people in this country (percentage wise), regardless of who they voted for in any election, agrees with the evil spewing out of her mouth. I voted for Bush and I am a professing Christian. I can assure you that I find her beliefs and actions deplorable.

Oh, and by the way, I seriously doubt that she voted for Bush. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't vote at all. People as sick and evil as her probably wouldn't vote since no candidate would ever run on a platform they would agree with enough to vote for them.

The fact that she uses religion and particularly one that I am very proud and passionate about, to "justify" her insanity, makes me want to vomit. I can only offer this advice for anyone that knows about this. If you believe in prayer, pray for her (as hard as that may be to do). If not, just ignore her (as hard as that may be to do).



And this is just another reason I do not believe in god. For if there was a god these ignorant people would have been punished by now.


I think I will never understand how religious people , or any people, distinguish between rational faith systems and irrational ones.

I know that, contrary to most people that call themselves christians, this woman really believes.

She has swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The whole bronze age nomadic desert dwelling tribe holy scripture Iam/allwayshavebeen/allwayswillbe i.e Jahwe...

However she is considered to be strange by people who have watered down their own religion in order to fit in...

I?m just standing on the sidelines being mindboggled...



I'd like to set her up on a hunting trip with a certain someone...


I'd kiss the lords holy ass and thank him if id I could dropkick that bitch. Only the lord knows what I would do if these people showed up to one of my families funerals. The weapons of mass destruction would be unloading all over that disgrace of a human beings face.


They hate America and everything about it, I'm guessing they didn't vote for anyone.

Go to godhatesfags.com if you ever need some fury before a workout. I did a report on these people in my sociology class recently and I can't begin to describe how much I'd love to pummel these people. They have a handful of videos on either google or one of the video sharing sites that are full of hate and their "message"


She IS strange. you don't find her strange? you think christianity is rationalizing the deaths of thousands of people who have commited no crime? if you think that is what christianity is supposed to look like, i don't think you understand what it is.


I've seen that site. It gave me a migraine. The mention of that deviant, Phelps, was enough to warn me off of the link.

As for people ragging on Christianity as a whole because of the actions of these few maniacs... that's misplaced. Even a cursory study of the theology in question would yield
the undeniable fact that these hate-grunting monkeys are so out in left field that they've left the game. Much like the maniacs who have co-opted Islam for their genocidal political goals.