What A Weekend! WooHoo!!!

Wow…Football is getting into full swing…(you guys know how I love that!)…looking forward to Notre Dame/Nebraska and Michigan/Washington. The Pros start in earnest on Sunday. (Is Dallas “real?” Will Baltimore repeat? Can “Dennis the Menace” win the “Big One?”). On Sunday, the Mini Series about a bunch of TRUE T-Men (the men of “Easy Company”; 101st Airborne Division during WWII) begins on HBO; “Band of Brothers”. AND BEST OF ALL (this is for Nate Dogg and Timbo) Playboy is coming out with “The Girls of the SEC” Issue!!!(WooHoo!) Could a Lion be more in heaven? What are you guys doing this weekend? (By the way…I WILL be doing some bike riding and Cardio, NOT just flopping down in front of the TV and checking out the hotties from Tennessee and Alabama!!:)----!!!)

…Almost forgot…there is “Willams vs. Williams” in the U.S. Open…

I hear ya Big Cat. Im excited as hell, too. Oh yeah. Leah and Amber said hey.

You can be sure I’ll get a copy of Playboys’ Girls of the SEC. In fact, Lauren (one of the girls featured) was here signing autographs the other night. As for football, you know I love my GATORS! And next week will be a fun week against Tennessee! The Nebraska/Notre Dame game was good too! I watched the last half of that one. And yes, I’m a Nebraska fan too. Have been for quite some time. The only time I don’t cheer for them is when they are playing Florida! And I have a friend who cheers for Nebraska. She is quite the hottie! :wink: As for staying active, I did some swimming Sat. I also got a bit too much sun on my chest and stomach…but that’s okay, this nice shade of red will turn brown Monday or Tuesday. As for Sunday, I’ll be out and about and also hitting the pool once again. :slight_smile:


Lion King! Hey, buddy, ya busted me out…how’d ya know I had a subscrip to good ol’ Hughie’s classy mag? Speaking of Sports and Playboy, this month’s issue has its college football preview…good stuff.

ironbabe cringes…hoping the rest of the Titan’s season won’t be played like last night . . . McNair just wasn’t there…

Goddamn Iggles…droped a tough one to St Louis.
defense looked awesme though…good blitz pckages…but a word of advice…fall on the damn ball!