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What a Waste.


I read a thread a little whille ago about someone wasting a shake and i was like that want happen to me, but something worse did, i came home and my jug of protein was laying in the floor, with protein EVERYWHERE, and my stepdad said the cats did it, and you all know that when you screw the top back on the jug you make sure its tight, expecially if you live with cats, it makes me mad cause its like a good 8 or 9 scoops Gone. Im not blaming him or the cats but it makes me very mad.


You know what is a real waste? Threads like this.

Why is this not in the off topic forum? Just because it's about a supplement doesn't mean it belongs in the supplement forum!


Why did you "waste" your time responding to it?


I don't know. That's a damn good question.