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What a Waste of an Opportunity



MICHAEL Jackson is reportedly being trained by Incredible Hulk actor and former Mr Universe Lou Ferrigno. Lou is said to be paying secret visits to the singer's LA home to help him prepare for his forthcoming run of shows at London's O2 arena.

"Lou has been visiting Michael to build him up so he can perform his dance routines," a source told The Sun. "But Michael refuses to lift weights. He doesn't want to bulk up."

The 50-year-old singer reportedly weighs just 57kg and eats just one meal a day. - BANG Showbiz / AP


Yes, you will wake up one morning and say: "DAMN MAN, I'm tooo buff now!"


I cant imagine a 220lb, ripped MJ doing the moonwalk.


"But Michael refuses to lift weights. He doesn't want to bulk up." -lol




why is lou doing this?


i can..just imagine carrot top with black hair instead,doing the moon walk.


good for lou, isn't he hard up for money thesedays?


Man imagine how much they offered him each session. I know for one if I was a trainer and I had MJ ask me to train him I wouldn't hesitate. I just wonder what their conversations go like, probably awkward as hell.


"So, I heard you like kids...."


Ever hear of a little thing called money?



I have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about.


Considering he's 125 lbs. and seems afraid of lifting too much, that's the only place where you'll seee that.


it would go like this

Carlito - Yooo Michael!!!!!
Mike -- **sweet voice*** Hey lito (blows kiss), do you want to meet my lover Bubbles? (fans his hair back)
Carl -- Um sure I bet she's a hot londonite..
Mike --- HE!! is very hot **Mike pulls out his monkey and extenzes him toward Carl to shake***
Carl -- Uhh ummm ummm
Mike ---- SHAKE IT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **high pitched rick james voice***


i never thought id be jealous of michael jackson


first he gets all the sweet ass, and now he's getting trained by your man lou. burn on you buddy. some people have it all.


This just means he's going to have the strength to hold his child over a railing when it is older.


LOL. This needs to be video taped. It will sell better than his last album did in America.

Watching an albino Mike get lessons from a deaf Ferrigno has got to be comedy gold. No weights = Pilates. Lou isn't ready for that.


He's never gonna get big on just hot milk.... cookies


Lou, what did you do???


Goddamn your avatar...