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Powerlifter… I know a detective is a cop. Did the phrase “same shit different smell” mean anything to you. I am NOT the same person as “yea fuck the police” you “dork”. I thought that he was being a smartass in his first post and called me “numbnuts”. Im sure im not the only one that hates cops.

Fitone... I hear nothing but stupid things come out of your mouth whenever you post, so i dont care what you say. Just so you know, i've NEVER been busted speeding. I drive like a normal responsible person. Its the police that feel the need to give me "random" pullovers.

Im actually bored of this topic, defending myself for having an opinion on the police. I dont like them, PERIOD! You'd all feel the same way if you got treated like i have been. Im clean cut, never been in trouble and hold down a good job. The only time i have to deal with police is in my car. Its fucked up.

By the way, I am seriously done with this thread and you Ned Flanders wannabes.