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I’ve never seen the video so this makes it impossible to comment. However if what is described here holds any trueth then I can understand a police officer shooting the dog. As far as handcuffing the people etc? Well being handcuffed is only temporary. Its not as if someone put a bullet in your gut or anything. However it is rather humiliating. Personally I think the biggest prob is the busy-body who reported that there was a robbery. How on Earth did she manage to think a robbery was in progress? Odd.

Anyway if the cops had shot a kid jumping out of the car then I’d be calling for their blood. But a dog? Hard to reason with an animal that you have no knowledge about. However I do think at least they sohyuld be compensated financially if they plan on getting another dog and maybe a repromand. Once again keep in mind I did not see this video but am going only on hearsay evidence (though I’m recieving conflicxting reports. My assumptions here are on the optimistic side)Just my two cents…for what its worth.