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You hope he dies of painful testicular cancer eh? People, I think we all need to get a little perspective here. Fist of all Jester, have you ever had Testicular cancer? unless you have, shut your mouth. You’re just embarassing yourself and the rest of us who happen to care about this forum and the content that is put into it, by making such comments. Are the police perfect? Hell No! Unfortunately, Police have to recruit from the general population and occasionally, even an insensitive, uncompassionate, sadistic asshole who wishes terminal illnesses on people will be hired. Police officers are PEOPLE! Try leaving for work every day with the thought in the back of your mind that you might not come home again. Kiss your kids and wife goodbye for what might be the last time. Get into a situation where you honestly feel like you are about to die and have the images of your loved ones flash before your eyes. All the while knowing there is no one to call for help. YOU are the bottom line. Does this justify their actions when they make a mistake? NO. But does it give us the right to flame them personally and their profession? NO. Shit happens in this crazy world. Cops aren’t the only people who make mistakes. If anyone is insecure here, I think it shows in our comments like: “Cops suck”, “Cops are power hungry” etc. Sounds to me like the insecurity is coming from people who don’t like to be corrected or told what to do and at some point in their lives, the mean old policeman made them accountable for something. With some of these comments like Jester’s, I for one am glad to have the Police. Our system of Law enforcement in this country isn’t the best, but its’ a helluva lot better than the alternatives and we need them to protect others from people like Pat, Jester and FTP, who are obviously cruel, insensitive, insecure people…Strange. Isn’t that what they accuse the cops of being? Nuff said. Jack -OUT-!