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  'FUCK THE COPS'. HMMM. Another dumass browsing the pages of T-Mag. Why dont you go buy yourself a cute lil pink skirt and strut your stuff on the streets.
   While I am not interested in a career as a cop, and have been pulled over several times, it should come as no suprise cops are some of the biggest t-men out there. They do screw up and some of them do so big style. And we love to give em shit for it. However, what they do is nothing short of respectable and honorable. I personally know a good bunch of cops. some of them the best guys i know - with integrity and guts- and some of them are nothing but hero wannabes and should never ever been hired on the force. 
 Just like any other field.
 Regardless, these are the guys that will find whoever murdered your little girl if that should ever happen. they're the ones making sure no one's gonna kill you because they were driving drunk - in other words they keep the drunk off the streets. they keep drugs off the streets, so that hopefully you wont have to one day have to see your kid through rehab.
 They're the ones who are going to get your stuff back if you're robbed.
Like i said sometimes they do an excelent job. sometimes they do a crappy job. noone ever said they were robocops. they're human.
 So would you fuckin pussies get some integrity and stop whining about cops because they busted you with marijuana when you shouldve been at school? t-men dont whine about something that has no merit being whined about.