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VERY well said Demo! I can’t believe I am coming out of the dog pound to write on such a stupid topic, but I have this and only this to say…You would never think to tell a Doctor how to take out an appendix, you would never tell a Dentist how to pull a tooth, so why are there so many dorks, and I mean DORKS, who try to tell the Police how to do their job!! If you wern’t there, and I am certain NONE of you were, then shut up! You don’t have a friggen clue how Police work is. So go ahead and sit there on your comfy house, insulting the very people who place there lives on the line everyday to protect you and your children. You realize most of you who are insulting these Cops, would go into a fetal position, suck your thumb and cry if you had to face HALF the stuff that a Cop does. Thats all I have to say…Thanks.