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Hold on here people. It’s pretty obvious that some of you don’t know jack shit about (1) police procedure and (2) dogs.

You think that because a dog is wagging it's tail that it won't bite you? You should come watch my Schutzhund trainer un-crate his Belgian Malinois. The damn thing wags its tail JUST like a friendly, happy dog,...and then, when commanded, jumps 7 feet, stomps the agitator in the nuts with all four feet and takes hold of the bite sleeve with a bone crushing grip. Its a game to him, and he loves it, carrying out his tasks with nothing short of pure glee. A dog does not have to be angry, or even appear angry, to bite.

Second, none of you have ever been on the "administrative" end of a felony traffic stop. Believe me, even sitting in a patrol car during one is a real sphincter clencher. Most of you are carrying nice big chips on your shoulders about cops. You're probably the same guys who wasted half their High School careers in detention because you have a problem with authority. How easy it is for you to sit in judgement.

Mind you, I'm a dog owner. If a cop shot my dog in this situation, I'd be pissed and saddened, but I would understand.