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What A Load Of Rubbish


I got up bright and early this morning to pick up my local paper (well not quite.)But I did open it up, to see staring at me the 150lbs 6ft2 fitness trainer from my local "gym", on the inside cover. This fitness 'guru' was commenting in a special "fitness" section of the paper, dishing out handy advice to all the readers, such as:

1)"Rowing machines are best for all around fitness, as they can really turn your fat into muscle because of the joint cardio/strength workout."

2)"Eating five peices of fruit and vegetables a day can improve your body right down to cellular level" LMAO

3)"If you weight train you need to give your body a rest to recuperate and rebuild itself so cut down on the calories. Your body can't bulk while it is busy digesting food." This was getting painful.

4)"Don't take supplements that arn't natural as these are bad for you."

5)"Remember, go the extra mile, if you usually do 12 reps do 13, and if you run for five, do 6.

Now for the best of his ten tips

6) "You wont get fit overnight, and dont expect to be like Brad Pitt, guys like that have been on steroids. But work at it, and you'll suceed."

TO be fair to the bloke the other four made some kind of sense, but how did he get a ceritficate? Also to be fair to brad pitt it shouldn't be as taboo to be like him a some guys think. I rekon he's gotta be bout 200lbs?? low bf %?


baby Jesus cries when trainers give out this kind of advice

side note: man that one about not eating after you train because your body is too busy repairing to digest is probably the single worst piece of advice i have ever, EVER heard, how the fuck did that make it into print?!



Doesn't that make you feel a little better that you know better than this guy though?

The thing I don't feel better about is the fact that I'm sure he's making more money than me and he'll be able to get more people to believe him than I could get to believe me, even if I have pelnty of research to back my claims up. :frowning:

C'est la vie!


I like advide 1,2, half of 3 and 5. I think rowing is a great exercise.


Er half of 3 and all of 5, sorry


lol yeah i no about five, it was so far so good until he mentioned twelve reps lol.


He's probably closer to 160lbs so I wouldn't call aiming to be like Brad "taboo", more like stupid.


Yeah I'd hate to be Brad. I'd never want to fuck Angelina in my mansion, yuck.....................


i just typed brad pit bio in google
n i got
http://www.toppics4u.com/brad-pitt/ (92 kg) on this site


(72kg) on this one.

what a load of balls, ma b he's somewhere in the middle then.



i say shit like this to people all the time...

fuck them i want all the good information to myself :-p



that chap needs a slap


this is a disgrace being able to write stuff like that.

People will believe it though cause it makes them feel less pathetic if they can use steriods as the reason they dont look like brad pitt when its really their lack of motivation, determination and knowledge


I suppose I can forgive people for a lack of knowledge; they are only going to suffer as a result. A personal trainer is a different matter though, he has a duty to provide accurate info.


I feel so knowledgeable after reading crap like that.