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What a Joke.

In a “warning” letter published in the Dec. 5 JAMA, researchers at Yale University School of Medicine caution that weightlifting could be a possible cause of aneurysms and aortic dissection. After treating five cases of weightlifters with aortic dissection over a two-year period, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Yale-New Haven Hospital hypothesized that each of the five patients’ aortas was unable to withstand the “spike” in blood pressure that accompanies the strain of powerlifting. The Associated Press notes that five cases does not constitute proof of a link between weightlifting and aortic dissection, but researchers say the cases should teach weightlifters to be cautious during workouts, especially since the causes behind aortic weakening are “not well understood.” Researchers recommend that weight trainers lift only 50% of
their body weight
and undergo aortic imaging to detect possible aneurysms (Dreyfuss, AP/Hartford Courant, 12/15)

So for all of you 200 pounders, make sure you never bench, squat or deadlift more than 100lbs.

I think John Ritter, better known by some as the working man’s Arnold, pretty much proved this point.

Thanks for the valuable info warhorse i will…bear it in mind

The only time that I follow that recomendation of lifting half the bodyweight, is during dumbell curls.

Its ignorant posts like these that are why the medical establishment laughs at people who misintrepret medical research.

i think perhaps the medical establishment misinterprets medical research often.

For one, John Ritter wasn’t a powerlifter and wasn’t lifting. He was exercising. Anyone who goes running can cause a blood pressure spike.

And this is not a case of the medical community misinterpreting medical research. This is a case of medical idiots not knowing shit about sports.

Dont pick up a heavy bag, bricks, blocks, tires, furniture, tv’s, washing machines and dryers, big dogs, or anything else remotely heavy. It might cause an aortic dissection.

goldberg…you shouldn’t lift anything that heavy for sure, but for things like milk jugs or groceries, you should always wear a weight belt and lift with the legs!

Guys and gals,
Although the claim is pretty ridiculous, you have to look at the issue from their point of view. Granted, they probably don’t know much about sports, but here are a few things to consider, speaking from experience w/ research. (I don’t necessarily agree with them)

  1. If their initial proposal for NIH or university funding outlined the characterization and prevention of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in weightlifters, the researchers had to address all the issues in their proposal.
  2. Even though the little blurb above states that these 5 cases weren’t proof, just the possibility of this happening required the researchers to make some sort of suggestion for prevention of AAA in weightlifters.
  3. When researchers make recommendations about prevenative measures, they almost ALWAYS err on the side of being conservative. Keep in mind they need to be published, and the JAMA isn’t exactly what you would call a “progressive publication.”

Ok, i need to go bench press my 110.5 lbs now.

Maybe these guys should test their own aortas for the strain of carrying all that bullshit.

My two cents and I am not a doctor or medical researcher by any stretch.

Most of us have built up to the level we are at now, through gradual conditioning over time. Perhaps this has given our arteries time to strengthen along with the muscle. I would reason that a newer lifter who attempts to go balls out without developing muscles, joints etc. first would be the most likely to suffer this fate.

An example would be the 30 and 40 yr. old couch potatoes who will show up at my gym in Jan and be gone by Feb.

Cool, I can only use up to 75 lbs.!

this is another good way to set yourself up for injury.

just like you should use a weight belt, and not lift with your back. great way to make sure your back is nice and weak for when you really need it!

and i think what hedo said makes sense. i remember back when i first started squatting, i put 325 on the bar and squatted it below parallel. boy, were my knees sore for a while!