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What a F**kin Night


OK, all retarded attention whore threads that I post aside, I had a really fuckin shitty night. So I go to downtowwn Boston night with a bunch of people I know. One of them says he's the designated driver. This guy has been giving off strong douche-vibes lately (game recognizes game, right?), he has a blog where he talks about how girls want him because of how great he dances, and how other guys always ask him why he's so great at talking to girls (who knows if this is true). ANYWAY, he's supposed to be the DD tonight.

About two hours in, I notice he's absolutely fucking hammered. Great. Then he disappears, and texts me and one other person in the group saying that he's left. Fucking cock. Seriously. You're the designated driver and you get drunk and then ditch everyone? So he leaves me there with 4 blackout drunk girls. I'm sure some retarded he-man woman-hating asswipes on this forum will question why I didn't date-rape any of the 4 girls, but if you do suck my cock.

So this is towards the end of the night, I get the 4 girls in a cab and tell the cabby to get them back to one of the girl's apartments that's nearby, but since there's only 4 seats in the cab that leaves me. So I get to take a fucking 30 dollar cab ride back home by myself because this ball licking faggot decided that being the DD wasn't cool enough, so he can get hammered and bail on everyone. But of course, I'm sure I'll some how end up being the bad guy in this. Fuck I hate people some times.




I don't have anything to add but I just wanted to say that I will not be able understand many of the pictures/gifs/video links that inevitably follow a post like this.


Whoa man. Don't turn the date rape into a homicide.


I dont drink, so Im always the DD. Last night 2 of they guys I was driving home puked in/on the outside of my car. Right after that I got pulled over for changing lanes without signaling even though I was literally the only car on the road and got a ticket for it. About 20 minutes later I hit a huge pothole and got not one, but two flat tires.

shitty nights happen. just gotta suck it up and hope the good ones outweight the shitty ones


wait - so the guy who you think is a dbag bounced, allowing you to be the sole dude around 4-wastey faced girls?

yup, that def sounds like a terrible night.

sorry man


This is what I was thinking.


4 seats in a cab has never stopped us from piling in a 5th.. jabroni


Ha, as I read through the OP, I thought to myself "I'm sure that if HolyMac isn't one of the current commenters, he will be."


That's why you need to drink. Problems like these wouldn't happen. If they did, you would at least have something to dull the reality.

+1 for drinking

OP...don't be a pussy. Revenge is certainly not out of line here. Just play it off like it was all good and do something similar to him. Or, hook him up with a girl you know has herpes.


So the two of you enjoy raping blackout-drunk girls? Solid T-Men right there. Rape: Very alpha.


not a bad idea...I was going to go with a gorilla mask, but I like this better. I should also point out all 4 girls have boyfriends, a couple of whom I'm friends with


I think you're way too mad that you had to cab home from the bar. A lot worse things can happen in a night.


No one said anything about raping blackout-drunk chicks.. But 1 guy 4 girls can prove to be an entertaining night.. regardless of a "happy ending". Seems like you let the guy get to you and let it ruin what could have been an entertaining night.

And 60ish bucks on cab fair.. sounds like you didn't drink much and can't really go dtown now a days especially with a group and expect to spend less then 100.. so at least you didn't break that.(making a blind assumption here)


Probably. It's not so much the cabbing, it's that this dude says he's DD and then bails


Oh yeah? Well check this out- Me and some of my old friends used to hang out with this crumby little asshole because he was the only guy in our group old enough to buy beer.

We were throwing what had become a regular weekend kegger wherein we charge 3 bucks a cup and you can drink as much as you want. But heres the catch- once everybody gets hammered and the keg is kicked, you collect for the next one and shake the money out of everybody all over again. So we are heading over to the other side of Pittsburgh because the only beer distributor in town open after midnight is in Oakland. Well, this jagoff won't shut his mouth about what a fucking bad ass he is and how if he felt like it, he could beat both of our asses right then and there. On and on he goes about this, then it occurs to him he needs something from a 7/11. So we pull in to the nearest convenience store which happens to be in the middle of one of the absolutely shittiest parts of town, which had also been erupting in gang wars and racially driven shootings for the past couple of years. So twerpy bad ass turns to us and asks for some change to get a bag of chips. The douche has no money. We give him like a dollar or some shit, and into the store he goes. Within about 30 seconds, this area starts looking like Zulu Dawn with angry gangsters. Me and Mike look at each other and start laughing simultaneously, because what this dick head doesn't know is that Mike turned 21 the week prior. Without saying a word, he throws the car in drive and we beat it the hell out of there, ditching the mouthy twerp in the middle of one of the worst possible scenarios any suburban white dude can realistically imagine.

We heard from him a few times a couple of months later, and all he would do was shake his head and mumble about what fucking assholes we were.

So next time you have a bad night, just think of this and be glad that you weren't friends with me in the early '90s.


See, you're first mistake was you didn't go to the Queens of the Stone Age show at the House of Blues and get your face melted off by how awesome they were

Second mistake is that you hang out with a guy who brags on a blog about how great of a dancer he is...


the first problem was that you were in Boston. Boston fucking sucks.

oh well you went out drinking and had to take a cab home. Thats what people do. They take cabs or dont go out far from home.


also, this is a terrible thread. when I read "what a fuckin night" i was expecting something awesome or at least somewhat entertaining. this was neither.


Zulu Dawn hahaha, good story