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What a Deal!


Have you guys noticed the great deal Biotest is offering?

You get a FREE box of Grow! bars--that's 36 bars--with every order of Biotest supplements totalling over $59!

We're doing this because we know that after you taste the bars, you'll think they taste so good that you'll mortgage your house to buy thousands of them, at which point Tim and I will retire and go live on a desert island with slave girls.

Pretty smart, huh?


sure did...

I was already stocked up on my staple Biotest items...so I bought some Biotest shirts and Power Drive to try.



Well, I was going to buy the thousands of bars until you said you and Tim would retire. Forget it then.


Peanut Butter or Chocolate? Recently ordered the chocolate brownie bars, would like to taste the PB bars now. ^_^


I second that. I currently have some of the chocolate bars. PB would be great.


OK. I just placed an order, and we actually get to choose which flavor. Nice.


I went to Tim's private island last month. I'm sure he was going to tell you about it sooner or later.

I ordered 3 boxes of the peanut butter bars just to get the fourth FREE.



Hey, sully's got the right idea... those PB bars are damned good!

Hmm, now to figure out how to get my own island populated with slave girls.


I just got a shipment TWO DAYS AGO, and they threw in a PB bar; I liked it. Now I feel like I've gotta order again, dammit!


Mirable!... I decided why not load up on some Surge, pick up Thib's new book, check out Spike, and get a FREE box of Peanut Butter Grow! bars... ohh damn I can't wait! Thank you Biotest and T-Nation!



I'm sure FinAid wouldn't mind another student loan.


How long will this offer last?


I usually order once a month. So, if I order now and got a box, then a month later, will I still get a free box when I order? if this offer still exist that is.




I just bought a 100 dollar order of four Grow! buckets just a week before this... :frowning: Can I still get my Grow! bars? Pretty please with a slave girl on top?


Yeah, I oredered at the beginning of the week, and I won't be able to order again until the end of the week. Hope the offer's still around. The bar in my box was such a tease. :slight_smile:
I love Biotest.


For those of you that are wondering, the PB crunch Grow! bars are awesome! They're damn close to a Fast Break, just not quite as sweet. I only know this because I ordered a box of each, plus about $200 worth of other stuff a Week ago. Damn you TC!!!

Anyhow, get a box, they're great


Is it safe to assume this offer is only available to americans? What with us lesser nations having to order from sub-sites, as opposed to T-Nation [and recieve the inferior products with it].

Ah, yet another reason to up and move out of this shitty country.

Edit. I meant that the Biotest Australia products that aren't T-Nation ones aren't as good as the T-Nation products, in case the above was unclear in any way.



I just put my order in on Wednesday for a fucking $300+


I'd just made an order, but I may as well stock up on Grow! if it means a free box of Grow! bars! Nice.


Yeah, second this. I don't think the chocolate bars taste too hot, but the peanut butter ones are money. May need to place another order this week...