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What A Day, I Quit My Job!

What a werid day at work, I’ve been working at this cabinetmaking shop for about 2 years now, and I was having an amazing day, until the big boss came in and got all intense (not screaming, but borderline) about wasting 1 peice of wood, even though they wanted the project out of the shop by the day and it was the only peice long enough for me to use, and i asked my forman if i could use it. It was about 20 dollars in waste. He told me and my forman that he didnt trust either of us cutting anything and we didnt understand the cost of things… and I just snapped alot of screaming back and forth between us, and I just clocked out and left, and I have no intentions of ever returning. Im usualy not the type of person the freak out like that, i was shaking for about 2 hours after. The gym was on the way home so i stopped in to releave some stress… .Good work out however :slight_smile: Well im gonna take a weeks vacation, work hard at the gym… then get right back on track. Sometimes change is good :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s weird. Sounds like the boss was having one of those “freak out over nothing” days. Either that or he’s doing coke or getting divorced and needs a lot more money than he’s pulling in… :wink:

Anyway, sorry to hear about the rough day. You are right though. Sometimes getting out of one thing just lets you move on into better things.

Nice job! If only more of us had the courage or ability to leave and look forward to change.


You might find that if you return to work that your boss would have a bit of respect for you after the little tiff you had. Sometimes an argument can clear the air.

He has a point about keeping costs down. Perhaps he didn’t express himself very well, then again neither did you.

I would give your immediate supervisor a call and test the waters. If the job was good prior to that one problem why give it up?

You can tell the boss how much you care about your job and the pride you have in your work. That’s the reason that you got hot under the collar over his nasty remarks.

Hey…if you like the job otherwise I suggest you go back and give it another try. Remember this: There is no perfect job out there, because there are no perfect people. Everyone is entitled to a bad day. He had his and you had yours.

Let me know what you decide. I wish you the best.