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What a bunch of Smart...

Have been reading different posts and their respective replies and must admit we have some brainiacs on board!

Would you guys mind posting what type degrees/professions you’re into?

Me: have a PsyD.

I have a Ph.d : Pool Hall Diploma!

I have 2 degrees in architectural design… as a technician and a technologist. What does this have to do with bodybuilding? Nothing.

BS: computer engineering.
working on PhD in political theory.

Exactly my point…

As previously stated, some of the guys/gals posting seem to have alot more than just brawn! Just curious as to their academic/professional background.

I’m sure most don’t LIVE in the gym!

i’m like a mechanic, all i do is body work !!!


I am a licensed, accredited, highly-trained medical laboratory technologist. Which basically means that when a sick person pees in a cup, I have to play with it. It’s really a glamorous job, you should try it. :slight_smile:

Even though I possess a mountain of medical knowledge, I think that it means squat. I think that book-smarts is the least important thing in this world to develop to a high degree. So much better to be an honest, caring, and strong person, than a super-ultra smart one. Brains don’t get you laid. Usually.

Reading T-mag has put more training and nutrition info upstairs than anything else.

B.S. and M.S in sports medicine. I am also a Certified Athletic Trainer and CSCS

I agree book smarts means jack shit in the gym and in most real life applications.

1st year science student. Going into Kinesiology next year to eventually get my BSc in it.

B.A. Music Performance from Hamline University. I graduated cum laude with a 3.53 and 162 credits (132 required).

Currently a 1L at the University of Minnesota law school (#19 in the country) with a 12.929/16.0 GPA (forced mean of 11.8).

The thing is, I know of at least one person on this board who is at a higher ranked school and I’m sure there are a lot others who have MUCH better GPA’s than I ever got.

oh and I have my strength trainers certificate… like that means anything though. Honestly i learned nothing in the course other than there were a large group of people getting this certification that are going to work in gyms that know jack shit about weight lifting. Scary thoughts.

MSME in progress
Engineers make the world go 'round.

BSc in Mech Eng
MSc in Physiology
PhD Protein Metabolism

Years back I did all of “Swedish Bobybuilding Federations” instructor courses, on top of that I have a few years of studying T-mag!!!

Profession: I teach scubadiving, sort of specialized in technical diving, rebreathers both SCR and CCR, trimix etc, etc, but teach anything from beginners and upwards.

I’m an Instructor Trainer with SDI/TDI.

MBA many moons ago.

B.S. in Management Science, B.A. in U.S. History, and Program of Concentration in Chemistry from U.C. San Diego, Class of '98;

J.D. from Vanderbilt, Class of '02.

MFA and an MS, College Professor and Professional Animator.

Stu: What kind of animation do you do? I work as a 3D animator/graphics artist for my company.

“What a bunch of Smart” i thought you were talking about me.

My last name is actually Smarts.