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What a Bunch of BS!N


Wow, who decided on these awards? let alone to have BSN win so many, and even CellMass, the specific product taken to court over label claims.


bsn is a company id be very careful giving my business too in the future, when the milk powder and china scandal was news everywhere it took them almost a month too respond to my question regarding where they get the milk powder from for syntha 6 and yet they didn't really answer my question they just said no


I never really took bodybuilding.com all that seriously before and stuff like that is why.


so NO-Xplode won't make me look like Ronnie Coleman? oh shi....


Clicked the link. Got:

"Jamie Eason's profile is set to private.
This user must add you as a friend to see his/her photos."

But if we're bashing BSN...yeah...they are stupid!!!!!


it's set to private? hmm, anyways, it was an Supplements Award ad, and about 1/2 were for BSN, a few other brands, then the brand that we do not speak of on this site :wink:


Optimum Whey is good stuff; I like the amount of diversity in flavors.


Unfortunately, all taste like crap -- in a diverse way, that is.


supplement awards are voted on and given by the public if I'm not mistaken.

So you get 10 bizillion 15 year old kids that think NOXPLODE is the closest thing you can take to steroids its no wonder awards happen like this.

I could be wrong but that is my assumption.

It just goes to show how ignorant people are sometimes.

As US being the largest consumer country you'd think we'd at least be good at shopping, but nooo we are just good at blowing money. lol



Taste like crap to me too, not the worst tasting but still crap. Still in UK it's relatively cheap compared to other brands.


Diversity beats blandness, imho


what brands are bland?

Metabolic Drive chocolate is GREAT tasting.


I don't know about you, but I don't drink my shakes because they taste good.

Besides, who doesn't chug that shit by now anyway.


Totally agree, Drive's flavors are really good, but don't you get bored of the same flavors? If Complete/Lo-Carb had the 4 low-carb flavors + cookie dough, then I'd be in love :wink:


I never tire of chocolate flavored stuff :shrug:



Do you guys swish em around in glass, get a good whiff, then slowly sip it to enjoy its bouqet or something?


I do -- when I drink Metabolic Drive.

It's that good.


Same, I actually have to stop myself from having another.


Can someone explain to me how NOAsplode is a fucking "muscle builder"? What does that even mean?


I understand the hate towards NOXPLODE. It doesn't do what it claims to do.


There are a lot of people that use it. I'll admit that 2-3 times a week, I can use that insane caffiene+B12 boost to get my ass in the gym.

40 servings, I use a scoop and a half. This works out to be a LOT cheaper than a can of Red Bull.

I do think it is sad that the claims it makes draws most people to it. However, for those who use it as a simple energy drink, it's one of the more cost efficient ways to do it.

30 bucks for a 40 scoop container. Buck fifty per drink. Works for me.