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What a Bitch


So I bought a 1990 Ford F150 off of craigslist. According to the owner, the main problems were that the transmission needs to be replaced (though not urgently), and that the only way to start it was by bridging the starter solenoid. Fair enough for $400.

Test drive was ok. Nothing spectacular but I'm good enough with my hands to fix the stuff I thought was wrong with it.

I drive it out of the guys driveway and onto a main road. I get about half a mile out and the engine starts gagging and smoke starts pouring out from under the hood. I lose power.

I pull over, push it to safety, and get the fucker towed back to my place to assess whats wrong with it.

It overheated, something fucked up, and quite a bit of coolant made its way into the engine. It cracked the block, pretty much fucking over the truck for its best quality (It was a pretty decent straight six engine wit only 109k on it).

I call the guy and tell him that the truck is a lemon, and I should atleast get part of the purchase cost back. He gets all shitty about it and is basically like "Well you bought it!".

I call the salvage wrecker and he comes to pick it up. He pays me $100 for it, and hauls it off.

I google the guys name. Turns out he's a two time child molester.

Should I jack the guy for the cash or what?


Yes. Yes you should.


yes, you should jack off the guy... wait...


No lemon law where you live?

This is all neglected if sold as is.


Link the ad from craigslist and post his name.


Child molester? Lemon seller? We dont need more people like this in the world...

Get ur money back, beat him.


I vote yes, fuck him up.



I would suggest a mask or disguise.


Look at it this way...if you're seriously thinking about committing a crime in retaliation against a crime committed against you then, you, sir, will also be at risk for prosecution.

To be honest, it looks like you fucked yourself when you called the salvage guy. If there's any record of the transaction I'd say you could get the authorities involved and have a very good chance of pressing charges against the fucker, but if not, it looks like children aren't the only thing this guy's guilty of fuckin'. Before you resort to "jackin' the guy" exhaust all legal means .. and if all else fails call up Chris Hansen and set this fucker up.


I had an old POS clunker that I had considered selling on CL last year, but would only get maybe $250 for it and couldn't morally hang the heap on someone.

I drove it into a local scrap yard and got $450 cash for it, took the plates off and caught a ride home.

You could have gotten maybe $300 for it and been out only $100. Lesson learned, never buy clunkers off CL!



And posting about a future crime online isn't the best idea.


get the authorities involved. or call your lawyer, tell him the story and have him draft up something that you can hand-deliver to this rapist and scare the shit out of him.

show up looking clean cut in nice clothes like you don't have anything to lose.


and if at all possible, superimpose him in incriminating photos and by God and all that is Holy, make it look half way plausible.


He probably picked up little kids in that truck.



keep it simple: do it the JIG-SAW way.



There is no legal recourse.

Lemon Laws in my state only apply to a dealer, or to a private party if you can PROVE that they were aware of existing problems beforehand.

Theres no sense in getting legal over $400.


Call a Lawyer for $400 bucks? Shit you'll lose more money than what you'll get back unless you have some cheap ass lawyer.


true; i've never had to pay for a lawyer before.

maybe you can just write something 'professional looking' up on your own.

$400 is a lot to me, so i'd do SOMETHING about instead of sitting back and taking it in the ass. (there is a child molester joke in there somewhere but i don't go for those kind of jokes)


Sucks man, if he's a two time sex offender you can probably screw him over somehow legally. Ask him again for the money back (or some of it) and let him know that you know about his past. Just be like....."man, I know you dont want any more problems in your life. Cant we work somethin out?"

Karma's a bitch. He'll get his.


Get em back but do it real slick, like....

hitting him with a baseball bat while stalking another sex victim.(Stalk the stalker)....