What 5x5 Should I Use?

alright guys a little overview, im 5’10 197lbs, 21 years old, currently bulking and have been lifting for close to 2 years im quite muscular but pretty weak for my physical appearance and i wanted to start a 5x5 which is something i have never tried, i currently workout 5 days a week, monday-friday and train one muscle group a day.

My diet is very solid, i am extremely consistent in the gym and never miss days, it is something i take very seriously. my lifts are quite disapointing, i do 5 sets of 10 at 175 pounds for bench press, i squat 5 sets of 8 at 200 pounds and i want to get these up much higher, especially my squat.

my main overall goal and reason for going to the gym is to build muscle however i believe adding strength will help me get to the next level therefore i want to try this program. With so many 5x5 programs out there what would best suit me ?


I don’t know which one will suit you, but I did the Bill Starr 5x5. I got to about week 7 and 8 and peaked, it was tough squatting so much and benching so much for that long. I have been lifting for quite a long time and need to change often or my body doesn’t like it. I can say my rows, squats, military and deads went well. My bench at week 6 started to regress. My legs and back definitely got some size, I also followed the ass to ankles style and have continued it since then.

Also the BIll Starr program has an excel sheet that will figure your weights out for you. Just make sure to start a little on the lower end of your max to ensure you’ll get good results.


you need to cut your volume WAY down. if you feel your lifts are not up to your standards and you train 5x a week, then I would advise cutting way back, and doing either 3x a week, or 2 days on, rest, then 2 days. Reg Park has an excellent 5x5 program that is absolutely great. Here is something that I’ve done in the past, it’s 3x a week, very demanding, not completely 5x5 but try it for a couple of weeks. Every rep must be done slow and controlled, 2-3 seconds down, and then explosive up. Don’t move up with a weight until you can do all sets and reps equally.

Mon- 5x5 (2 minutes rest between sets, go very heavy, but not failure)
A1. Barbell back Squat
A2. Wide grip pull-up (add weight)

B1. Traditional deadlift
B2. Flat dumb-bell bench

C1. Dips
C2. Dumb bell lunge

D1. Weighted hanging leg raise
D2. Upright row

Wed- 4x8 (1 minute 30 seconds between sets)
A1. Front squat
A2. Chin up

B1. Romanian Deadlift
B2. Incline bench press

C1. Lying barbell skull crushers
C2. Standing dumb-bell curls

D1. Weighted crunch
D2. Weighted back extension

Friday- 3x10-12 (1 minute rest)
A1. Split Squat (rear foot elevated)
A2. Parallel grip chin-up

B1. Sumo deadlift
B2. Decline dumb-bell bench

C1. Single leg hamstring curls
C2. Single leg- leg exention

D1. Lateral raise
D2. Rope crunch

awesome guys thank for the advice, dratner that does look challenging i think ill give it a try im on week 7 of my 5 day program so its a perfect time for a switch

with respect to cutting volume i previously have done 4 day splits for as long as i can remember, and i have been getting good results from the 5 day program, but as mentioned ive been doing it for a while and i look forward to trying the program you laid out

thanks guys,