What 12% Bodyfat Looks Like?


Can somebody show me with a photo what 12% bodyfat looks like?

This varies greatly from person to person. Some carry all their fat in their belly, others carry it in their thighs and glutes, others may carry it in their shoulders and arms. At ~12% you should have abdominal definition (you can physically see that there is a 6 pack in there) but its still very individual.

Why does 12% BF matter?


It also matters how much muscle they have. More muscle always looks more appealing at higher body fat


this chart is dumb.


All that matters is whether you like your appearance as far as body composition goes.
The question is really, “Why do you want to assign a number to it?”


Yep and a more muscled individual can carry more bodyfat than the smaller guy and have same bodyfat %.

Great point. People would probably peg me at 12-15% when I’m a true 8-10% because for some reason my lower body stays very lean. I’ll have glute definition and quad separation even when my abs aren’t completely in.

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So unfair, isn’t it?? My chest and abs are the last to shed any fat, but my already-skeletor face starts looking like I need an intervention

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Hehe it’s the opposite for me I gained 8 kilos and we can still see the outline of my abs

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It also seems that under muscled men can still look soft with low definition even at relatively lower bodyfat percents (e.g. 10-15).

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at what bodyweight?

There’s no dislike, but you know what I meant!

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I’m pretty ok with it tbh. I like the look of sculpted legs and being able to fit into slim fit jeans :slight_smile:

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Based on these pics, I’d be quite content with 11-18% TBH. Less would be impractical for me as an individual.
Glad to see these to have a clue. Thx!

Thats impossible.
Height and total weight makes a huge difference.
12% can look huge and lean, and it can also look small and skinny-fat.

At the end of the day it doesnt matter. No one cares. And its a stupid goal to have. You can have a goal to be 12%, come down to 15%, look good and then what? Continue fucking up till you reach the 12? Why?
Or the other way around - get to 12, still look skinny fat. And then what? Call it a job well done? Why?

The only thing that is really objective is the front camera, lol.
Your weight and bodyfat doesnt matter. Either you look good or you dont.