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WHAT!?!?!!!!!?!?!!?! @___@


I just heard something sorta kinda crazy and i wonder if its true. i just saw a video on youtube and this person was saying that its better to do pulling exercises with a supinated or parallel grip instead on pronated because when you put your biceps in a stronger position it enables your lats to work for a longer period of time. i was like WHAT!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?! @__@. does anyone think this is true or really matters?


This is minutia. Nothing I'd worry about as a beginner, really.
Now, for most people it is true that they can perform more reps and heavier weights with a parallel or supinated grip instead of a pronated one. I assume you are not an advanced bodybuilder who needs to strictly isolate his lats, so you can go ahead and use supinated grip.

I personally don't pull like that because I have a history of biceps-tendon injury so for me it's less painful to pull with a pronated grip.


yes it's true...

the arm flexors are the first to fail on all rowing/pulldown movements....neutral grip is strongest as the brachialis is the strongest flexor in the arm and is engaged in the neutral grip posistion...

pronated grip still has benefits though as it hits the back musculature differently than supinated grip...

bret contreras did an article on here comparing different back exercises using EMG to test muscle activation...check it out..



thanks man i'll check it out.