Whaaaaaaaaaaat? This Squat is Insane!

Go Koklyaev! lmao wow

was there an actual training point to that or was he just goofing off?

When 600lbs is something you can goof off with, that’s when you know you’re really bloody strong. :slight_smile:

i do believe he was goofing off.

Look ma! No hands!

[quote]VikingsAD28 wrote:
Look ma! No hands![/quote]

damn you beat me to it.

lol me and my friend used to do this WAYYYY back in highschool the no hands squat…it was more like 225lbs though.

watch all 10 reps

Nice video title, RAW Squat 300 KG / 660 LB , 9 REPS AND 1 FOR FUNNY ))))))