Wha would you do?

A little while back I got jumped by three little punks and I was kicking one guys ass when the other two jumped in. I know who these guys are should I go and kick their asses or what?

You need to ask?

Definitely kick their ass, brick their windows, slash their tires, slit their eyelids off so they can’t close them, tie them down in the desert sun and pour honey all over them so vultures pick at their flesh… and stick a US flag up their ass. 3 guys beating on 1 is a form of terrorism, regardless of where it originates

At least kick their ass if you think the other suggestions were a little heavy handed.

Put each one in hospital.

I have to agree here. You were embarrassed by those three fuckers, now hunt them down one at a time and beat them senseless. Anyone that tries to talk you out of such behavior is a pansy, and you should kick that persons ass too.

Hurt them. Badly. Not to contradict my man no way, but I would suggest leaving the material goods out of it. What did the guys car do to you? and if he is young, odds are his parents are paying for it so you really wouldnt be hurting them…

Back to the point- Hurt them. When they decided to throw the rules of fair fighting out the window and gang up on you, they waved all rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They also opened the flood gates for dirty tactics. Jump them one by one with a bat. seriously injure them. disguise yourself, facepaint/mask, so they cant identify it was you to the cops. you will have the satisfaction of messing them up, they dont really need to know who did it, and you dont need jail time. And make sure to have a rock solid alliby. go to the movies, talk to the ticket dude, and a rent-a-cop. sneak out of the theater, mess one up, and go back. when the movie lets out, mix in the crowd, and talk to the same people again. This will concrete your alliby that you were at the movies the entire time… good luck, and dont get caught.

I don’t advocate violence. You should definitely stick up for yourself. But be careful. I know too many people that are dead or in jail for getting revenge over some bullshit. If kicking their asses will result in them getting more of their punk ass friends coming after you and further escalating the situation I’d suggest that you strongly consider if it’s worth the trouble.

“DA MAN,” I must say, the movie idea for an alibi is just shear genius! Next time I am
committing some illegal act, I’ll be sure to remember that damn genius(No sarcasm intended at all) of an idea. That’s a great of forming an alibi without getting your cronies involved! Thanks, for the idea bud!

yeah, I think that little idea is pretty slick…

I would call up molsonman so he could grapple all three of them to the ground and give them all a chokehold at the same time!

Just make sure your junior high principal doesn’t catch you :wink:

In all seriousness, it’s important to stand up for yourself, but use your head.

Beware an escalation of force

one may be packin’

If you know these guys why did they jump you? Sounds damn fishy? If they jumped you for no reason then retailiate with extreme predjustice if you did something to desearve it than tough shit…

Did you steal something or aid in stealing from them? If you did then you deserved it. If not. You will be a pussy for the rest of your life if you do not avenge this thing properly. I always advocate the “Eye for a Heart” If you take his heart you won’t have to worry about losing your other eye. Physical harm is not a joke. You are lucky. Three dudes…It only takes one boot to the head to DIE. I would fuck 'em up so bad they are in the hospital for weeks. And if they have fathers(probably don’t) fuck them up to. They raised the little “haters” In essence they are responsible. Also. You must make sure they can not and will not retaliate. If they know memebers of their families will be hurt also then that will take care of that. If you think they are to “GANSTA” to fuck with then here is what you do. Get an unregistered GAT. DON"T TELL ANY BODY and don’t load it without gloves. carry it concealed at all times. Next time they run into you let them beat on you for a few seconds then kill the motherfuckers. Simply tell the police that these guys were holding you at gun point beating on you and in the scuffle dropped the GAT. You picked it up and acted in self defense. They are all dead so there will be no conflicting stories.

I agree with the last guy…I’m not saying that you should kill them, but, yes, kill them. Remember now, wound them first, so you can watch them suffer:)

gee no prints on or IN the gun, your the only one wearin’ gloves, you have powder residue on you…

Be careful of escalation. I’d suggest taking each one down separately and then asking them in their position of submission, “Should I keep going and ruin you, or would you rather I take everything you own in civil court?” After all, they assaulted you and you have a successful lawsuit whenever you want it now.

ya’ wanna be a man? then you should beat up each of them. kill them? hell no are you an idiot? you should go with numbers, find the three of them together when you and your boys out number them big time (3-4to1) then make them each fight JUST YOU one by one. kick each of their asses one at a time while your boys keep it one on one. cause a decent scar so they REMEMBER! they will not do anything to retaliate because they will always remember the numbers and also that you beat EACH of their asses one after the other.

I think what D-end is trying to say is that if three guys jump you and you kill them in self defense, you are not at fault. But why do you have a gun??? So, if it is unregistered you can just say the weapon was their’s. Of course your prints are on it because you pick it up and shot them. If there are prints on the bullets inside the gun then you have a problem.

Let me get this straight. You got your ass whupped by three guys for no reason. It sounds funny. If you didn’t escalatethe situation and are blameless, wait a few months then get them unawares. That way the heat’s off and they probably don’t expect it. Hurt them in a way that hurts most, get them fired audited, arrested, etc. A beating is good, but you want to really get them. You have to figure out what would hurt them. Do they have a prized car possession etc.
Forget about gun. They’re for morons. Unregistered guns are hard to come by. It is very difficult to “take someone out”. You will get caught unless you’re a spook, made man, navy seal etc. I have taken deadly force shooting courses for lethal self defense, and retribution is murder one. That’s the chair pal! A person that would recommend that course of action has to have a serious case of stupid.
If you’re interested in guns, take a course, learn the laws, and practice. You also must develop almost a pacifistic attitude if you want to carry a weapon. I did for years and was the nicest guy. Always avoided trouble. Why, because I had the power to make a life and death decision over someone. I was trained and competent, and took it very seriously. You should , too.