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We've Become Cliches


My friend and I have been training for three months, he is an experianced lifter and an accomplished 100 metre sprinter. We are both pretty dscpiplened and eat well, sleep etc and have been making insane gains for example he has put 3 kgs on his bench in just iunder three months and IVe put 25kgs on.
The problem is we both know that we cannot continue with this intensity in the gym and need a new regime. Weve considered the russian bench programme but fealt that it might be counter productive.

Currently we train on a three day split, we bench ever session (Thats the cliche part- we also curlk twice a week- sigh how vain!) and we do squat dealifts, power cleans and snatches In various combinations every session. Complemented with a few isolation movements. Our primary goal is strength, so we usually work in the 1-5 rep range.
SO basically can anyone point us in the right direction so we can continue making good gains?


Change up to a full body program for a while. Add in some external rotation work to even out all the benching you've beem doing.

You'll find that compared to a split, full body programs get you absolutely exhausted. 3x a week should be enough.

After a couple of weeks go back to your current program as it sounds like it's working well.


What is this external rotation work you speak of?
Thanks for the advice, Ill discuss it with my training partner!


Check out a few of the articles on strong and healthy shoulders in the archives.

Movements like Cuban Rotations work the external rotators really well. I've give more info, but to be honest you're better off learning it for yourself. A big cause of shoulder pain is lots of benching (which is an internal rotation movement) and no work for the external rotators, which degrades the shoulder's balance.


If you've been doing something for three months, you've pretty much demonstrated that you in fact can continue with that intensity. You've made great gains, why are you already looking to change what has worked so well?


we have started to slow down, which is slightly demoralising. And all the information we read says- switch it up, change routine every 5 weeks etc...
PLus surely its not good to continue at that sort of intensity, qwont we burn out?

Oh thanks for the advice on the columbian roataions, might try them. Although we do quite alot of shoulder exercises and rows and deadlifts so I dont think shoulder health is too much of an issue,


Not to be rude,but if you know what you're doing and go heavy enough a split is very exhausting.

As for the poster,try "Arm Yourself" with "pillars of strength",since you're so vain :wink:


I dont understand :S...


Hahahahaa! Okay then, good on ya!