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Westside's Mike Brown

Anyone heard of this dude. He is 19 and has already totalled 2300 and benched 735.

Yeah, he is a Monster! Did you see his diet? He puts down a lot of food, and its not junk, very clean.

yea i just read the article on elitefts the guy has a huge future ahead of him

this guy is insanely strong! and he’s only 19.

Small hijack, but where are the articles on the Elitefts site? Everytime I go there it is the most blank site on the net and I don’t understand how any of it works. I would like to check out their articles, like the one mentioned above.

Try turning off any ad-blocking software you might be running, at least for the elite site.

My norton Internet Security did the same thing; couldn’t see any of the navigation.

click on the articles tab

I know Mike. He lives maybe 30 minutes away from me. Nice guy, pretty softsoken. Recently he broke his left arm below the elbow attempting to bench 744 at a meet. He’s had surgery and is recovering. The video of the break is on irongame.com. Be warned, it makes me queasy watching it. He also has a website. mikebrownpowerlifting.com

I was definitely thinking of the wrong Mike Brown. Anyone who caught my comment forget it! Now!

The guy spotting Mike looks like a freak…anyone know who he would be?