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Westsiders-Reverse Hyper

A question for all those who do the reverse hyper exercise. Anyone ever used the reverse hyper machine put out by Atlantis Fitness? If so, how does it compare to the one sold at Elite Fitness? I’m buying one, and am trying to decide which one to go with. Thanks

Okay, this reply won’t help you very much, but I’ll offer what info I can.

I have had the chance to visit a gym equipped with Atlantis products, including a Glute-Ham station. I found that all of these pieces of equipment were of superior quality, particularly the glute-ham.

I did not, however, get a chance to use Atlantis’ Reverse-Hyper, and I’ve never used Elite’s either, so I can offer no direct comparison. (In fact, the only one I’ve used is one custom made for the gym I go to.)

So basically what I can tell you is that Atlantis seems to make some quality products.


ijust saw a picture of it. does it allow for full stretching and dynamic lifting? The design of the weight holders looks like it would prevent the full strecth which supposedly is one the best features of louie’s reverse hyper (it allows fluid to get between the vertabrea). louie has a patent on his reverse hyper which is pretty good. to get around it, sometimes manufacturers have to make a subpar piece of equipment. but, i’ve never used one nor saw it in person.

It does appear that the Atlantis piece does not allow for deep stretch that the Elite piece does. The pad on the Atlantis piece looks like it would stop your legs at 90 degrees, whereas the Elite looks like it would pull them further. Thanks for your opinions guys.