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Hey Joe, I am not an athlete or anything but I am just looking to pack on some quality muscle mass and am going to try your westside program, but I have a few questions.
1.on rep day you say work up to 3 sets of max reps, how many sets does it take to work up to the 1st set of max reps, how many reps is max reps?
2.I see there is not alot of direct bicep or tricep work included in the program, Do I need to add any or do all of the pulling and pressing movements provide enough stimulation for growth in the arms?
3. If I do need to add some should I add 1 set to bicep curls then throw in 2 sets of hammer curls and add 2 sets of decline tricep extensions so the total sets are 6 for bis and 6 for tris?

Keep the great articles coming man they rock!!


I’m glad you’re going to give the WSSB program a try. It’s a great program in which I guarantee you will make progress.

As far as warm-up sets are concerned for the dumbell rep method, it depends on how strong you are. For example, I just finished my 2-week mini-cycle of dumbell benches on the Swiss ball in which I used 100lb. dumbells for my sets. My warm-up looked as follows:
40lb. dumbells X 8
60 lb. dumbells X 5
80 lb. dumbells X 4
90lb. dumbells X 3
Rest 2 minutes, then 3 X failure with 100lb. dumbells

On the other hand, we have a 103lb. state-champion wrestler on this program and his warm-up looked like this:
20lb. dumbells X 8 reps
30 lb. dumbells X 3 sets to failure

Obviously, the stronger that you are, the more sets it will take to reach your training weight. Also, remember that the weight that you’re using for the rep method isn’t that heavy for you so it’s not like you’re warming up for a max single. Remeber that you’re shooting for 20-40 reps on that first set!

Now onto your arm concern: You are correct in thinking that this isn’t the best program for packing muscle on your biceps! I wouldn’t change my template though. If you’re really concerned about getting bigger bis, do some extra bicep work on the days I’ve set aside for conditioning/GPP.
And don’t worry about your tris, they’ll get bigger and stronger from all the heavy and high-rep pressing you’ll be doing!

WOW, Thanks for replying so fast Mr. Defranco, I just posted that the other night!

Okay I want to run 1 last thing by you,
I saw you posted and extra leg day workout on the forum a while ago and I am going to incorporate that into my program. It consisted of a unilateral movement and a posterior chain movement and weak point training consisting of 3-5 sets of whatever you wish.

My plan is
Monday: ME DAY
Wed: ME Lower Body Day
Friday: Rep upper body
Saturday:REP lower body

Should I put weak point training which will be my extra biceps workout in on monday or saturday?
If I put them in on saturday I didnt think that would be enough time to recover since I work them on Friday so I though Monday would be better.
Should I use the same excercise or a different one?

That about covers my q’s on the program and I will let you know how it goes, thanks again!!

JOE<<,Last thing. since I am going to be usnig the schedule above I am not sure what you mean by adding some bicep work on the conditioning days, does that mean I would go to the gym and just to biceps? If you could offer a tip on what day to throw in some extra bicep work I would be much appreciative. I have an Idea below but I dont know if is overtraining or not, correct me if I am wrong.

since I am using the schedule above, what about throwing in bis on monday doing like 6 or 7 sets of 5 but using a 7 rep max, then on friday make that a rep day and do 2 sets to max reps? I know you said not to change your template but I am clueless as to where to throw in my extra bi work. Please throw in some suggestions bro.