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This is actually my first post here. I have been reading and researching this site for over a year. My lifts have taken off. I weigh 185 and bench 275. My increase in bench has slowed to a standstill. I have read about using chains and bands to increase. I have read about what it is and how to do it. My question is…what kind of weight should I be using? How many chains and what size? What kind of set and rep schemes?

Currently I bench 2 times per week (MON. THURS.) Monday I do 4 x 6. Thurs. I go lighter and do 4 x 8. Obviously I do other lifts as well, but am curious about using the chains.

Congrats on your progress. At 275 one 5’8" chain per side with like 50 -60% of your 1 RM might do the trick. Check out the articles section on Elitefts for a more exact idea.

Read the WSB articles. It is clearly stated.

Bands & chains alone won’t make your bench bigger. There is no magic there.

work into a WSB templated program first. Then worry about the bands and chains. They are very tough (Bands)

@ 6,0 and a bodyweight of 185 -are you eating enough to support your training?
I suspect this IS the key. No fuel = no gains.
Happy lifting

ok you bench 275, but how much do you squat and DL?

Go to elite fitness systems and look through the article section this will clear up a lot of your questions.

I have increased my eating. I am up from 175.

Squat is only 350 and DL is only 405. I didn’t list these because I am not as proud of these lifts. I have seen a number of people get laughed at (by Goldberg) for anything less than 700.

However, thanks to you guys I did find the westside articles that explained everything I was asking. “the 8 keys…” it does a basic step by step of the westside style. Starting next week I am going to break up my lifting into the dynamic and max effort days.

Thanks for the replies.

Oh yeah…don’t make of fun of the puny lifts :slight_smile:

No you havent. I myself only squatted 700 within the last two months. So before that was I laughing at myself? You are an idiot.

I was trying to be funny, not to be insulting. Sorry Goldberg.

Sarcasm doesn’t work to well in a forum.

I was merely trying to say I realize my lifts are far below a number of the people here. I remembered seeing your pics of the huge DL’s. Sorry to insult you.

So I’m not an idiot…just not good at sarcasm!

Don’t apologize. If Goldie can’t take a joke, tough shit. Just kiddin’ Goldberg, you da man. But seriously, this world is too full of “I’m sorry’s.” Speak your mind and don’t worry about the consequences. “Sorry” if this seems like a rant. :wink:

Why would you apologize or be ashamed of what you lift? The point is you are in the gym LFTING and geting STRONGER. As you strive for further accomplisments, NEVER look down on your current acomplishments. That’s what losers do.

For all the shit Goldie takes, he’s actually cool. He helps and responds when people PM him (including me) with questions.

And even if he did laugh at my lifts, yea he might be stronger, but I’ll always be sexier.

That wasnt a joke. Ive never laughed about anybody’s lifts to their face(haha). Seriously I might be strong compared to most of the people on the internet but at my last meet I was 10th out of 13. Thats not too impressive.


Welcome to the forum! greekdawg said it best, don’t worry about what others do. You only have one guy you have to compare yourself to, and that is you!

Are you striving to accomplish things that you previously could not do? Are you getting a little better each week or month?

Hey, that’s all there is to it.