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i’m going to start training westside, fllowing the basic plan described at this link. http://www.elitefitnesssystems.com/documents/9week-training-program.htm
i know some people have tried this plan, and i wanted to know if they recomend any alterations. what i am most concerned about is if they noticed any body parts begin to lag because of not being targeted atleast for maintenance purposes. also, anyone thinking cutting fat while on westside would be a bad idea?

just finished last week.its good, dont change anything, mainly becuase you think it wont matter but it will. everything is in there for a reason. Only after a couple of weeks do you start to understand why thing are there.
once you finishe the 9 week phase then play around.
squat up 35kg
deadlift up 20kg
bench up 7kg (not happy with this as has been noted in previous posts. i think this was due to an overall reduction in back work and a sore left tricep over the first 4 weeks which seemed to come right nearer the end which was when poundages strated to improve)

dont “cut” on this.
make the most of the program and eat. eat whatever you want and then some. i must it was fun…memories
hope this helps

I like this program for 9 weeks even tho it is very basic. Because it teaches you how to perfect the exerscices while getting used to thetraining style and volume… The only alterations I would make are to do diffirent board heights during the board press weeks…week 1 - 2 board, week 2- 3 board, week 3- 4 board. I really like the goodmorning-squat exercise it relly builds up the posterior chain, make sure you are hitting a full range of motion rounded back good morning and then with a close stance drop into a deep squat and blow out of the hole after a slight pause at the bottom. Also remember that on max effort low box squats to bring your stance in and i would also use a safety squat bar, camberd squat bar, or a manta ray. let me know if you have any more questions Ill be glad to help, and welcome to darkside… Big Martin

I have one question:
How close to failure are you supposed to go on the exercises??

On max effort day you go until you fail.

I think bench is the one thing that takes a little more time to figure out. Ive increased my squat by over 50% and my deadlift by 20%. My bench has gone up 15% with most of this just coming lately. My bench is starting to budge though. This isnt a program you can just try for 9 weeks and say oh it doesnt work. You have to tinker here and there and make it work for YOU.

MAX effort… be prepared to dump the weight or have (good) spotters ready.

I had a two spotter on each side when doing my last ME squat going for a PR and the fucker on one side decide he wanted to lift the weight for me. i could have fucking killed the little prick. shows you what most peolpe think spotting is…fuckn homo’s…

Goldberg has cut on this program before. I asked him in PM previously about the idea of losing weight while on Westside. While I wouldn’t recommend it, as it is more of a strength (mainly) and mass (secondary) program, you can do it. Try to clean up your diet the best you can first, and if you aren’t losing enough fat/weight, then you should add sprints or IBUR (or is it IBUM?) a few times a week.

Alot of people cut on this program. Every powerlifter who moves down a weight class is cutting on this program. Dave Tate went from over 300 lbs to 275 in just a few months and hit a PR on his bench.