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What problems and success have you Westside training style guys had?

No problems at all. I do not use the chains and bands like they recommend though. I know I would probably be making much better progress, but it is a little too radical for the gym I go to. I do use everything else that Dave / Louis recommend in terms of assistance excercise / max effort and dynamic days etc… Excellent progress. The only thing I do differently is I do regular deadlifts once every 2 weeks, which Westside rarely does outside of competition.

I’ve also had great results from WSB - 40 pounds on my front squat in 6 weeks. It’ll take a few weks getting the exact volume right as the workout is definitely a lot more taxing on the nerves and less on the muscles than most folks are used to. Don’t blow off the ab work either - sometimes I’ll do it first after the core exercise. Also, if you’re not training for PL meets, consider trying other exercises for speed day. I compete in sprint cycling and use clean pulls on speed leg day with the same percentages they suggest for box squats. Best thing is, you get to max every week, which I consider fun. Tear it up.

still trying to just even UNDERSTAND it

I had to stop Westside because it was really screwing with my elbow. This elbow already had an old chop-socky injury though, so I can’t blame it all on the WSB system.