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Okay. I am already to start westside training on Monday morning. In fact i’m getting so jacked to start it i just want to start tomarrow, i of course i have the will power to hold off though. I was just wondering if anyone is using Westside or has used it in the past. I have never powerlifted to amount to anything, although i have done a few years of olymic lifting in high school. Basicaly i’m just looking for a new road to go down as far as traing goes. What i am doing in a verison a Dave Tate’s 9 week beginers program that he has on his site. I am an extremely clean eater and i have a couple of buddies that power lift that eat like crap. Post workout for them is pretty much whatever fastfood joint is on the way home, but they are still just massive men. Maybe 12-15% bf and they stay like that all year round. They told be that when you powerlift, your muscels pretty much suck up all of the nutriants that you give them… So i’m thinking that clean eating will work out pretty nicly with westside. Anyone have anythoughts on that long rambling of mine.

Sometimes I think bodybuiders worry a little to much about diet. I stay at 15% bf, which I find very comfortable. 34" pants at 195 at 5’ 7’. Just eat enough protein and use a good postworkout drink like surge.

No offense, but if you want to do well in powerlifting, ditch the super-lean attitude. You can either be brutally strong or you can be ripped. Make a choice. 12-15% is very good for a powerlifter. In most of the heavier weightclasses (242 and more) you’d be hard pressed to find a top lifter under 15%. Small waists don’t lift big weights. Get as thick and wide as possible.


diet is over rated unless you want to be very low bodyfat. most powerlifters i know do not eat “clean” but still have incredible physiques. some are clean, some not. check out my site for powerlifting info. michiganpowerlifters.com

I just completed the same 9 week program. I am someone who likes working body parts twice a week and this program fits perfectly. It stresses the big muscles and places a lesser emphasis on the smaller ones but does not neglect them.(Although I did work in 4 sets of 10 on my biceps on bench day.) I workout without a partner so 1rm are difficult to measure, but my bench went up 15 pounds and my squat went up 20 pounds while my deadlift went up 10(near as I can figure). I’m 37 and have been lifting for 15 years but had never attempted powerlifting before. When I finish my current growth program, I plan on repeating the 9 week program and adjusting the weights up accordingly. Good luck.

Thanks for the input Everyone. ya, as far as diet goes…well, i think i’ll keep it like it is now. right not i’m 200 and i eat around 4100 cals a day. I don’t really eat clean to keep my BF down, but i think i do it to put disipline in my life… whatever the case maybe, thanks for the Input. Nice site pete…

sped, don’t know if you are still looking for input but i am doing the nine week cycle at the minute and am dam impressed with the results so far, i have to work out in the morning and hate breakfast so i tried what J.M suggested and cut all carbs before training and can tell you that it makes a hell of a difference to how you feel power wise, try it and see what you think. usually i’ll have 6 eggs for breakfast with a little BBQ sauce to mask the shitty taste and then after training ramp up the protein and carbs for the rest of the day. i eat clean most of the time as i have to make weight for taekwondo contests where carrying a load of blubber around isn’t exactly useful! but don’t get anal about what you eat, that’s what summer diets are for!. cheers STU K

The westside training is excellent! I used the same fundamentals but tweaked it a bit during my bulk cycle. I went from 190lbs to 225 in 4 months. My bench 1RM increased from 210 to 265. Interesting… my strength curve is linear compared to my weight gain. That sucks.

good luck with the program.

If anybody actually reads my replys, they know I LOVE Westside’s stuff. I just finished my nine week program and here are my new numbers. Squat up 50lbs NO SHIT!!!, bench up 20lbs and deadlift up 30lbs. I’m doing one more cycle before I go into more renagaid training and my goals are 15lbs for squat, 15lbs for bench and 20lbs for deadlift. Hope the program works for you as much as it worked for me.

Westside is the most effective power training program I have ever encountered. A few tips: i) Avoid the temptation to overload on dynamic days–bar speed is key on those days; ii) frequently change your max effort movements–stress good mornings on max effort days, but change you stance and back curviture regularly–also frequently change your auxiliary movements, but keep reverse hypers as a staple; iii) keep to a minimum full range movements on max effort days(e.g., deadlifts from floor or deep box squats); iv) don’t neglect your core; and v) accomodate resistance with chains and bands–order bands from jumpstretch (or from wherever)–chains and bands, especially when used on dynamic day, are the pathway to true strength. As far as diet is concerned, be sensible, eat right. Why not be optimal if you’re going to put in all that effort. Get your protein and eat good carbs and fats. Supplementing with creatine as well as neurotransmitter precursors like tyrosine will also enhance performance. Good luck!!!

I appreciate the input guys.