Westside workout question

About to start working out Westside style and i have a question maybe you guys can help me with. Can I do the same supplemental and accessory excercises on Maximum Effort day as i do on Dynamic day?


I never read anything that said you had to do 2 different accessory exercises on the 2 days. I did read somewhere Tate saying that you might want to have different kind of loading on the exercises, because the ME and speed exercise leaves you in a different state of fatique. For example: ME bench hits tris hard, so any extra triceps work doesnt have to be as heavy as the tricep training on speed bench day.

Yeah, no reason you can’t, just make sure to switch supp exercises periodically to adress whatever sticking points/weaknesses you need to address.

you could, but don’t know why you’d want to. part of the fun of doing a westside workout is the variety. i probably have never done the same workout twice. there are so many exercises to chose from that will hit the different weak points that you have.

Yep…no need to do the same supplemental excerises on both Dynamic and ME day. Variety is better.

The only thing would be if the exercises were causing discomfort because of the volume. For instance, most people can’t handle barbell tri extensions twice a week, but using bar one day and DBs on the other is better.