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Westside vs. Smolov


I am right now doing the famous "Smolov Squat Cycle". And i do it with a Manta Ray ( close stance ) squat. I really love it

but my question is

witch is the best alternative to increase the squat?

Box Squat ( westside style ) or Smolov squat program?


Smolov you can do with any stance. If you are playing hockey too, I would NOT do Smolov. Only do smolov if you are squatting only and nothing else on your legs.



why cant I do Smolov? My skating power last year, was great after a "half" Smolov cycle.
But instead? what should do, go Westside?


I think Smolov is usually recommend strictly for someone working on improving their squat only and not doing any other sports because of the excessive volume.


thanks, for the answers.

But, instead of Smolov
what should i work in the gym for my legs, mostly "one-legged" exercieses like lunges?


The problem with Smolov is that volume is excessive. It was designed for advanced Olympic lifters wanting to improve their squat numbers, and usually those guys have alredy adapted to high volumes.

On this site, there are two other Russian routines that work well, but use less volume:

From Russia With Love

You could also try Bill Starr's/Glenn Pendlay's 8 Week Squat Program. It was recently discussed here:


You can find a lot about it if you Google "8 week squat program" and "bill starr".


ok, thanks for the answers.
But I just courius, what is the best method to increase your squat?

Smolov or Westside, with box and stuffs.

Anyone? have experience of both, who can tell me?

I just have squatting on the Smolov routine, all time.

Smolov its a insane routine, but it works really well. But i have see that Westside has 10-15 lifters over 900 lbs in squat.

what is the best, anyone?


If you can handle smolov while skating go for it. I remember when I did smolov, my legs were really achy; however, they were strong.



Neither. And both. What I mean is that it depends on what is limiting your squat. If you are fast, but not that strong, I would say Smolov would be good. If you are strong but slow, Westside would be better. Another way of looking at it is that Smolov is a routine, Westside is a complete powerlifting methodology. It will serve you better as a long-term approach, but the Smolov routine can build up your squat a lot in a short time, if strength is a limiting factor.