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Westside vs 5/3/1?


So I'm trying to build a base of strenght and a solid foundtion of a body to work with.

As I seriously lack strength I realise it's my dead lift and sQuats that need the most attention.

I also know that the more basic something is for the moment the better I'll do with it.

So I've been on the westside for skinny bastards plan for a month and have just discovered 5/3/1.

My plan is too cOmmit to one routine for as long as it takes to develop my strenght.

My question to you more experienced litters is which program would I be better following with this goal in mind?

My actual goals are
1) body weight bench for 7 reps
2) full squat for 5 reps at 1.5 bodyweight
And 3) double bodyweight deadlift

Any advice would be nice:)


Both programs work. Its the effort you put in that will get you to your goals.


Thanks man, appreciate it.


FightinIrish just summed it up. Well done.


This is a lifelong journey, not a destination.


Guess we all gotta start somewhere.


My 2c

You would be better off doing a 5X5 program first and switch to one of those others when you've got some basic strength happening


Bruce Mc - Could you elaborate a bit here please?


I think he means I'd be better suited to a 5x5 until I reach a basic strength level and then using one of the other programs.

Though I've decided to stick it out with the westside program for a minimum of 6 months, lest I become a program whore lol.

Besides I need to really focus on just busting ass on the program and not pouring all my energy into trying to create "the perfect one".


So 5/3/1 or WSSB doesn't build basic strength?

What the fuck is this place coming to...


Ba hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa.

Fucking hilarious.


DeFranco's "Built like a Badass" is a blend of the two programs


I used a variation of Built Like a Badass for a little bit, (by variation I mean just a couple exercises changed because of what I had available, but kept the movement the same).

I really like it. I thought it was a good maintanence program for me, but if you're young you can (and should) hit the weights a bit harder and more often if you can (in my opinion.)


Well ATM on the westside plan I'm hitting the iron seriously 4 days a week, 3 days at max effort and one accessory day.

I tried a 6 day split but it simply wasn't for me seeing as I'm still such a beginner".


you could do this...


military/incline pressing exercise
flat/decline pressing exercise
lateral raises
pushdowns/extension movement

back/rear delts/biceps

pulldown/chin up exercise
bb row/t bar row type exercise
rear delt exercise
curl exercise

squat/leg press
rdl/hamstring curls
calve exercise

do 2 days on 1 day off...or just take the weekend off and rotate the days(probably better for most people)...doesn't really matter...