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Westside Videos


I have some barely used westside videos, saw them each twice, took notes and since then they have been sitting on my closet shelf. I was gonna sell them on ebay but thought id give you fellow t-men/women first crack at em!! I have Reactive Method (has a ton of pain relief tech using the bands), both squatting tapes, both benching tapes, and the deadlift tape. I was thinking of asking $180-190(plus shipping). They are in perfect condition.
PM me or holler back


wanna sell them as a set, for 190 ill throw in the Adam Archelleta wo tape showing Jay Schreaders(sp) methods. called Freak of Training.


Sorry shoulda made it clear 190 plus shipping and handling... for all the vids!!


P&H anywhere in the world?????


Davidan tell me where you are and ill get a shipping price



St. Louis


No body else interested..... hmmmm disapointing.... guess ill try selling elsewhere, or am i just asking too much, make me an offer,
btw Archuletta vid sold....


I would love to get them, but seeing as I am a recently graduated college student I cant afford that price. Dont they go for 150 as a set on elite?

if you do decide to sell them on ebay, please send me the link.


They, without the reactive video go for 199 plus s+H.


What about 130 including shipping and handling? since they have been used and there is no warranty...what do you think