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I’ve been slowly trying to shift from bodybuilding to powerlifting.I feel fairly well informed and compentent from a bodybuliding standpoint-competed “natural” on the state level twice (NPC untested), won third then second.BUT I seem to be having a hard time getting a handle on an organized program to follow for powerlifting.I am using Westside- Dave Tate’s methods and have visted their website and links,Tate’s latest article has really helped to pull things together.I want to check my form and figure out what all the “obscure” moves are (I see other people are having the same problem). SO the jist of this is- have any of you guys bought the training videos? Do they work? Should I get them all? ($100-$130) any suggestions of any kind would be appreciated. P.S. I’m only using protein and antioxidants right now, not even creatine at the moment.I plan to compete in USAPL this spring-summer.THANKS

I have both videos. They are great. All Max Effort and assistance exercises are shown. Example Dynamic Day workouts are shown. I review every month or so, so I do not get off track. Well worth it.

JRR, did you buy the Deadlift video or just the Bench and Squat videos(2 tape set)?

Just the squat and bench videos. I think many of the assistance exercises for the squat are the same for the deadlift. If you are planning on competing in the USAPL I would invest the extra money in all three. Good Luck.

I liked the videos and have them all. I think that they are a little rough around the edges, but very informative and helpful.

The two best and up to date videos are the Bench Press Video and the squat workout video. These really are all you need to get. Give me a call at 888-854-8806 if you would like to order these or have any other questions. - Dave

Dave Tate