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Westside videos/neckharness


So i was looking around the elitefts store and i saw two things that interested me, the first being Louie Simmon's Westside video package. I know how much westside is worshipped around here, so i was wondering if anyone has watched this videos? If so, I'm sure you know they cost a lot of money. What i'm asking is, are they worth it?

Since Louie Simmon writes for this website (I think?), which as we all know kicks ass, I'm sure it's be a kick ass video. But before i go spend that much money I'd like to know if it's right for me.

My main concern is increasing athletic performance. I know all about how athletes have used west side to do so but i'm no pro athlete. I've been lifting since a little after christmas and since i think i've built up a pretty good base of strength i've been looking for where to go next with my training.

I've decided to wait until next offseason to learn the OL's, and have been looking for some other, more basic (in terms of lift execution) but EFFECTIVE program to do during the next 3 months before football season. So is the stuff in this video what i'm looking for?

The other thing I wanted to know about was that neck harness on elitefts. Has anyone even used one of 'em? If so, should i get it or are there better ways to strengthen the neck?

These'll be the last two big things I buy before I start saving for a car. So i just wanted to make sure i'll be spending my money well.



I don't have the videos, but I can tell you this: Dave Tate doesn't put anything on his website that isn't a quality product. Everything I've ever bought from elitefts has been worth the money. In fact, that's where I got my neck harness. I don't think your neck can be too strong, and the harness is inexpensive. A strong neck may not add a lot of pounds to your total, but it could save your life. My training partner was in a car wreck and broke the same vertebrae in his neck that Christopher Reeves broke. But my partner has a big, thick neck that helped protect him; he's still lifting, and he's still setting new PR's at age 41.



I have done bridging for the neck, but I find that nothing works the neck as well as a good neck harness. My favorite one is from Iron Mind. Their harness is made from a strong cloth material and tightens and molds around your head for a snug fit. It is a pleasure to use. I have had others, including one from elite, and found the Iron Mind harness to be the best.

One piece of advice, if you get one don't go wild with it the first time you use it or you won't be moving your head for days! Put some light weight on there and do only a couple of sets of 15 the first time out. Build from there.