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Westside Variations

Anyone have any success using a modified version of the standard template? (For instance, a version geared more toward hypertrophy).

Thanks for the help!

If you follow the standard template and eat, you will grow. The supplemental work is for working on weaknesses, and if your weakness is size, than your supplemental work should revolve around hypertrophy. The only modification I made was to use 3-5rm on max effort days instead of 1rm. After your heavy work or your speed work, the supplemental lifts are yours to customize, and SHOULD be customized.
Hope that helped

Thanks…it helps!

Either Dave Tate or Louie Simmons said in an older article of theirs that the average Westsider gained 30 lbs(from memory) their first year. All of them that want to be are big thick dudes, you don’t see many people benching 500+ squatting and deading 700+ that are small.

To answer your question in short, yes.

I personally have trained using Westside methods basically since the time I really started learning what the hell I was doing and have put on 60 pounds or so and am at a lower body fat.

You can just go a little higher reps on the ME stuff (for example 3-5 reps instead of 1-3 reps) and more RE stuff instead of DE work. But as mentioned earlier, you don’t see many small guys squatting 5 plates.