Westside Training

Hey, I am interested in starting on a westside program, but I am not what I would call a skinny bastard or a hard gainer (not to toot my own horn). Due to the fact that I can not get the search feature to work on this site, I was wondering if you guys would be able to give me a couple of key words or something todo the advanced google search (when I did the advanced search with just “westside” all i got was the WS4SB). Should I just try the WS4SB?

I highly recommend WS4SB part 2. It has a few tweaks that I like over the first one. If you want to go with strictly a Westside template, then go to www.elitefts.com and check the recent article by Jim Wendler regarding the “Standard Template.” It will give you all you need.

Otherwise, go to the “Article Library” (blue button on the left) and then do an “Author” search and look up Dave Tate. Go read his articles “The Periodization Bible” and “The Eight Keys” and that will also get you in the right direction.

Try going to EliteFTS.com or Westside-Barbell.com. Hope that helps!

thanks guys!

Keep in mind though that WSFSB 2 is basically designed for the last 4-6 weeks before the season.

If you want a pure WS program, go to elitefts and look for their “Beginner Training Manual.” It pretty much lays out every set and rep for a 12 week program. Hard to beat for 15 bucks.

WS4SB is good stuff too, but with a slightly different focus.

Go to the article library, authors, Dave Tate, The 8 Keys

At elitefts, your looking for the standard template, wendler just did an article on it.