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Westside Training


Hey yall i am a new member and i am very impressed with the whole site.
I was just wondering if the west side training would be the right training for me to do.
I have been lifting for 4 years now and have reached a real plateau.

My max BP is 300 been stuck there for a while
My max Squat is 405
My max dead lift is around the 450 mark
I am a little (alot!) over wieght at 255 and around 20% body fat.
My hieght is 5 11
I am not too concerned about my wieght because i neeed to be heavy for rugby.
I play prop or hooker.
Any sugestions would be much aprieciated.
DeFranco u are the man


Westside sounds perfect. If you play rugby you may have to be wary of volume issues though.


I think Westside would be great for you. Just jump into. It will get better as you go.


I really want to get down to 225 at around 15% bf and keep my max lifts improving,first of all is this possible? any suggestions on how to do this i realise that diet is a major but should i cut down and disregard strength or vice versa, thanx all for the positive feedback.