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westside training

I’m interested in trying the westside training approach for the first time. However, the gym that i train in is equipped with only basic equipment (squat rack, olympic bars etc) so i don’t have a bench shirt or cambered bars or chains or bands. Can this method still work for me? Also, i’ve read that the lifts primarily focus in the lockout portions of the lifts,(and that its for people who lift equipped and not raw) and for example not in getting the bar of the chest in the bench. There seems to be very little lat work. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this method can be applied for me?

You can get by on a westside program with the basics. Remember this program is designed to improve your weak links…so if you have a weak lockout, then yes you’ll be working your lockout through special exercises. If your weak point is off your chest then you’ll be doing things like, cambered bar bench, ultra wide bench, etc…There is plenty of Lat work it’s usually done on DE/ME Squat days, and during extra workouts. I don’t know what your goals are, so it’s a little hard to tell you how you can apply it to yourself.

Check out the elitefitness web site. There is a “basic training program” (that’s what it is called) that is basically the same as Tate’s article, but doesn’t use bands or chains.