Westside Training While Not Bulking

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone’s tried lifting Westside format, ie 2 bench days, 2 squat/deadlift days per week, while keeping calories at maintenance level. I know that doing westside while on a low calorie diet is not recommended, and I also know how much those guys at Westside eat, but I was wondering if keeping calories at maintenance level (maybe a bit higher on training days) will work with westside.

I’m looking to get stronger at the same bodyweight. Any opinions? Thanks.

Ask me in 3 months. I’ll be doing just this getting ready for the night of the living dead in october. I really dont see how this will be a problem.

You’ll be fine. The important thing is to have a surplus of calories on training days and a deficit on non-training days. That way your overall intake is neutral, but you’ll recover better. It should also help you get leaner which will make you stronger at the same BW.

Thanks a lot guys.