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westside training setup

hello everyone, i’ve been reading the articals here pretty regulary for the past few months, and i love them, i also just started looking at this form, and thought this would be a good place to ask this question. (this will be kinda so, so i’m going to just reply to this message so i don’t waste a ton of space)

anyway, some more information about myself to help some of you respond better, i’m 15, and have been lifting for just over 2 yrs. now. i’m 5’ 6 and about 170-175ish, my best squat is 415, bench, 235, and deadlift 375(i just took all 3 of those maxes last week, i did not use a shirt or suit, the squat was done in a belt and old red line knee raps, the bench with nothing, and the deadlift with a belt). i am hopeing to compete sometime soon.

up until this point i have used a regular peaking program(since the beginning of the summer anyway, before that i really didn’t know how to train, an old powerlifter who lifts at the gym i do helped me alot when i asked him, and got me started down the right path), now i’d like to try a westside style program(i am planning on getting a suit and stuff before i would try and compete). i don’t have access too a reverse hyper or GHR, and the program i’ve come up with is basicly just a cross between bob’s and dave’s programs on the EFS site. but i added a few little things.

i made it 12 weeks long, and i’ll max out my lifts on the 13th week. its all pretty much strait forward, as far as assistance, my plan was to do the same thing for 4 weeks, then change it. in the program i put the 3 assistance things in ( ) in the order i’ll do them(ie, the first thing gets done wks 1-4, the second wks 5-8, and the third wks 9-12). then i put the sets and reps under the assistance. anyway, here it is:

Monday-ME squat/deadlift day

  1. ME work
  2. Squat/deadlift assistance work (stiff leg deadlifts, rack pulls w/ bands, deadlift off block)
  3. Squat/deadlift assistance work (stiff leg pullthroughs, lunges w/ barbell, pull throughs)
  4. Odd ad work (overhead squat, one arm deadlift, farmers walks)
  5. Ab work (strait leg situps, pulldown abs, incline situps)

Tuesday-Extra workout/ sq/dl recovery

  1. Band leg curls
  2. Ab work (this is going to be a superset of different types of situps that grows as the 12 weeks goes on)

Wednesday-ME benchpress day

  1. ME work
  2. Compound tricep work (close grip bench, pullover press, floor press)
  3. Tricep work (standing db extensions, lying bb extensions, lying db extensions)
  4. Shoulder work (db military press w/ palms facing, upright rows, front/side/rear raises in superset for 2x60)
  • 3x8-12 or 2x60
  1. Odd ab work (side press, bent press, windmill)

Thursday-Extra workout/ bench recovery

  1. Band pushdowns
  2. Barbell curls
    *4x10(pushdowns and curls done in superset)
  3. Same type of ab work as Tuesday

Friday-DE squat/deadlift day

  1. DE box squats
  2. Deadlifts for speed w/ chain
    *6x1 (with 30 sec. Rest inbetween sets)
  3. Squat/deadlift assistance work (goodmornings, full front squats, wide stance goodmornings)
  4. Lat work (T-bar rows, db rows, face pulls)
  5. Ab work (Strait leg situps, pulldown abs, incline situps)

Sunday-DE benchpress day

  1. DE work
  2. Compound tricep work (4 board press, rack lockouts, reverse band benchpress)
  3. Shoulder work (front raises, side raises, rear raises)
  4. Upperback work (seated db cleans, seated Cuban press, powercleans off blocks)
  5. Upperback work (wide grip pullups, pullups w/ palms facing each other, close grip pullups)

i know this was kinda long, but i wanted to make sure i gave enough information, i’m looking for any suggestions on this, what looks good, and what doesn’t look good. i’m going to be starting this comeing monday. i know i didn’t say what my weak points are, but i tried to base my assistance work around them. thanks again to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this.