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Westside training Principles of Periodization

I am looking into using the westside periodization principles, as outlined by Dave Tate, in the near future to gain some strength. My question is has anyone tried using these principles and had success. Also, does anyone have any programs they could post that worled for them, using westside periodization.
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They have plenty of programs on Dave’s site Elite Fitness Systems. Check it out. Also, I suggest you experiment and find out what works for you. I have used their principles and have had great success. My favorite aspect is bands and chains, better known as accomodating resistance.

Groove, I’ve had good strength gains from Ian King’s 12 week programs. I didn’t gain noticeable size, though. It’s not really “west-side” training.

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PS: What is a JM Press, I forgot to ask in my previous post?
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I use them. Have to adapt because the gym I use won’t allow chains…no room they say. But the set/rep protocol works well and the microcycles work well. I had to adapt those for me after working with them for a year or so. I also use some of King’s stuff. You won’t get big, but you do get very strong.

The JM Press is a narrow grip bench press. Using a narrow grip, lower the bar toward a point on your chest about 4 inches below your nips, But stop about 5-6" inches before the bar hits your chest, then push the weight back up.

At least that’s how I understand that it’s done. If I’m wrong, correct me and then I’ll go stand in a corner somewhere and write the proper procedure about a hundred times.

A description on the JM press, as well as a marginally useful picture, can be found here:


The JM Press is also known as a California Press. Do a search at T-mag and you will find a couple of articles by Coach Davies and Poliquin. Both have descriptions as well as pictures on how to correctly perform the exercise. Ike also gave a link above to a Dave Tate article in which he describes the JM press very well.

If your looking for a sample introductory program, go to Dave Tate’s site and check out “9 Week Basic Training Program” under the Elite FTS articles. Also, check out Tate’s article “Periodization Bible part II.”

Thanks for the link Ike.

Dan, I read the periodization Bible II, that is what got me interested in learning more about this method in the first place. Also, I checked out EFS website before and came to the same conclusion. The 9 week program you suggested would be best. Also it is helpful to know that JM presses are also Known as California presses. I have done California presses before so I guess I have also done Jm presses. Do you know what the JM stands for?
Thanks for the info guys,
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JM stands for JM Blakely, the guy who came up with the movement. The JM press isnt actually a California press, another movement westside does called the Paul Dicks press is a California press. Just imagine what would happen if a close grip bench went terribly wrong, drifting over your throat with you elbows flaring out, and that’s the JM press.

Although a true JM press and California Press are different, they do have strong similarities. The major difference being the JM press is simply a partial range movement where the bar is lowered roughly half way down. The California Press/Dicks Press is a full range movement where the bar is lowered to the top of the chest. The important thing to remember is find the movement that works best for you. If you take a look at the Westside tapes you’ll find that Louie, Dave, and the rest of the guys do the JM press differently when compared to each other. Some do more of a partial range press like the JM and others add more of an extension like the California Press.

Got to Elite Fitness and look under articles. There is a sample work out published by Bob Young that is great. I used this program with tremendous success. The biggest overall factor in the training was the use of BANDS sold on the Elite Fitness site. My partner and I used them on everything we could, and the strength gains were through the roof. Although you need to be very careful when using them. My bench went from 265 to 335 in 4 months…check it out.

I was under the impression that a California Press was like a eccentric skullcrusher and a concentric close grip press…??

If not what is that called…?


I’ve been meaning to look into getting bands. Browsing Elitefitnesssystems, I notice they have several different options. Which bands did you use for increasing your bench?

Using WSB my squat went from 315 to 700 in a little over a year. I’m built to squat but never had results like that before. I also ate like a horse. Now I’m a renegade. I’m still strong but more fit. not quite the same strength as I’m trying to lose weight (lost 60 lbs) but around 600 lb squat

The program flat out works. In my opinion, better than any other program for adding strength (I also get great size gains, as do my clients). The key is tailoring the workout to you.