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Westside training and football

I just want to say that I was impressed with Dave Tates article on the Westside style of training. I just wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to incorporate the Olympic lifts into the program, as well as speed training for football (periodization of sprint training 2-4 times per week)

I am sort of in the same situation. I try to use some westside methods along with olympic lifts. i am not sure what the best way to do this would be. Right now i have it split so i do the westside method for bench, and then alternate between olympic lifts and westside methhods for lower body. not sure about the football thing though. if anyone has some more info or suggestions on this please share.

I’ve been to Louie’s site, and another throwers website (CanThrow I believe) and he asserts that cleans, snatches, and the like are useless exercises. He’s says that box squats, quick high rep straight legged deadlifts, and reverse hypers will go a lot further due to them being quicker movements, and hitting the specific muscle groups more effectively, as well as producing less stress on the lower back. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy around his ideas though. IT is something to definetely look further in to.