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Westside to Sheiko and Back...


So here is my sheiko log I said i'd post. Ive been doing westside, and am gonna give sheiko a try, but will be going back to something similar to westside. Im using this as a prep phase, and after this month, i'll be looking to do something lower volume, higher intensity, and higher frequency. So it wont be westside, and it wont be sheiko, but somewhere in between.

***Im only gonna list the "working" sets just for simplicity sake, but there were sets below them as per sheiko #29

Week 1 Day 1:


Bench 235
Squat 315
Deadlift 350

CG bench 5x3 (175)
Squat 12x2 (190)
Bench-paused 4x4 (165)
Flies 5x10 (20's)
GM 5x5 (135)

***Fles - Im so weak on these. I feel that my shoulders are REALLY tight, and try to get a good stretch on the last couple of reps of each set.

***GM - Ive never done these much, but am trying to go really strick on my form, keeping a good stretch in my hamstrings. So basically im trying not to do a squat-style GM. I dont know if its normal to be this much weaker at GMs, but im imagining that raising my GM will help a lot with my squat and deadlift.


Taking your trolling to a new level?


Week 1 Day 2:

Deficit deadlift 8x1 (245)
Bench 8x3 (140)
JM press 4x8 (115)
Deadlift 4x3 (265)
DB lunges (70's-75's) 5x5
DeFranco AB circuit 3x10

All in all a good workout. Not so hard on all the deadlifting, but my grip and upper back got a damn good workout by the end. It was a bit long, so I had to hurry thngs up and do the ab circuit at the end.


Didn't you post here like 2 weeks ago talking about how you were having "the best gains of your life" using Westside?






How can you JM Press 115 4x8 if you are benching 140 8x3? Seems odd....


Week 1 Day 3:

Squat 5x3 (240)
DB bench - 4x10 (65,70,75,80)
Squat-paused 4x4 (215)
Cable flies - 5x10 (90's,80's)


Week 2 Day 1:

CG Bench 5x3 (190)
Squat 10x2 (205+mini bands)***
Bench-paused 5x4 (170)
Pushup 4x10
Flies 3x10
GM 5x5 (155-175)

***Only my last two sets were 205+bands. The other sets started at 185, then 195, then 205.

Good workout. Lots of volume, but we got through everything in a bout 90 minutes. Everything is feeling good, I just need some work on GM's. I'll switching to 5x8 and lowering the weight a bit.


Any videos?


In about one week, you have done 39 sets of pressing (all on a horizontal plane might I add), 13 sets of humeral adduction (not even counting your pressing here), and ZERO sets of scapular retraction or depression.

Do you honestly not understand it yet? Your bench sucks because you can't stabilize your scapulae. You can't stabilize your scapulae because you have muscle imbalances in the shoulder girdle. You have muscle imbalances in the shoulder girdle because your training is imbalanced. More pressing won't help your bench. It won't help anything at all, unless your ultimate goal is an injury.

Just do some goddamn seated cable rows with strict form, and some scapular "wall slides".

I'm really trying to help you dankid. If you're SO set on training Shieko that you can't realize that training bench twice in a workout for nine total sets (and then adding seven sets of push-ups and flies on top of it) is detrimental to someone like you who has shoulder issues, then you are just simply a moron.

Honestly dankid. Just because a good number of people have had success with Shieko and Westside does NOT mean that copying their methods will lead to results. You have to assess YOUR OWN situation.

In fact, maybe I'll just change my name to Louie Simmons. That's probably the only way to get you to listen to anything.


LOLZ. First off, im running sheiko for the most part the way it is supposed to be. THERE IS NOT PULLING. Well actually, deadlifting is pulling, so there is pulling. And I typically work pulling A LOT more than I work pressing. This is a first for me. My strength in pullups and rows is much higher than my strength in pressing. Outside of this program, I do a TON of facepulls, and seated DB cleans. My "injuries" are not the result of imbalances, they are the result of playing baseball since I was five and being a pitcher, putting too much focus on getting stronger at DB snatches (that was a mistake) and having to sit a lot for school. Ive adressed most of these problems teh best I can. The reason Im weak at bench, is because I spent too much time thinking that I SHOULDN'T bench, and mainly only did pushups and DB bench. Now that im back to barbell benching and being smart about things, my strength is going up and Im having very little problems.

I have to avoid too much overhead work and heavier trap work, but am getting by just fine, on a pretty tough program.

So with all do respect, Im gonna disagree with you on every point youve made. I used to agree with you, but I have seen that a ton of pulling work just isn't necessary. The sheiko way makes sense. If you develop the strength to bench 400lbs and deadlift 600lbs doesn't it stand to reason that you are going to have strong lats, traps, back etc? And when im done with this program, i'll probably do westsides method of "lat" work. I'll be working horizontal rows, or facepulls 3-4 times per week, but with just a few sets, and not putting too much effort into it. It works.

Just because the Gurus, and "experts" say everyone should be doing a ton of pulling doesn't mean they are correct.


Week 2 Day 2:

Deficit Deadlift: 7x1 (265)
Bench: 7x3 (125+minis)*
Deadlift: 4x4 (280)
Cable flys: 5x8 (100)
BB lunges: 5x5 (175)**

*Minis were doubled over, ramped up so only the last two sets were 125.
**Ramped up, only the last two sets were 175.

The deadlift workouts are WAY harder than the other two days. It was a solid workout though, and my grip became a limiting factor on the last set of 4x4 for deadlifts. I'll probably need to bring straps next week, but will try to only use them if needed. Looking forward to fridays "squat" workout, but its gonna be tough if im sore.


dankid isnt serious is he?


Nope, im setting up an april fool's joke a couple of month early


That's what it looks like lol.


Comments like this comming from a guy in a sombraro with a beer bong and named bjjwannabe152 dont really affect me.

Are there actually 151 other bjjwannabes on this site?


152 is a weightclass, dipshit. and nearly as much as you squat.


dankid you are a moron, bjj stands for brazillian jiu-jitsu. deadlifts do NOT count as pulling, because the only stress they place on the shoulder girdle is downwards (i.e. only working the upper back) you need to do lat work if you expect a strong bench.. there is a reason that "experts and gurus" are "experts and gurus" and you're not


So why does a guy that weighs 195 have a name that is a 152lb weight class. Are you anorexic at heart or something? And no, thats not nearly as much as I squat. And I what the other guy said, I know what bjj stands for.