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Westside/Tier....Some Thoughts

I have used Westside in the past, in fact my last cycle was using it. Im almost 18, and training for my first year of college football next year.

Im throwing around the idea of using the tier system but am unsure. For one, the system is very intense, with each day bringing a lot of work. Also, will no supplement work hurt my growth? The best idea Ive had of yet is to do the tier system, but for the least prioritized movement I would do speed work, be it for squat, dead or bench. Any thoughts?

Im not sure exactly which way to go and would just appreciate any thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of each school of thought.

FYI: my main goals include an overall increase in strength and size (but so do the goals of most)

Any thoughts?

Tier is for athletes participating in sports, Westside is for powerlifting.

There are other programs out there. If you have signed, have you not talked with your strength coach?

As Im going to a D3 school, no.

The absolute best part about the tier system is the recovery. I would finish the workouts feeling like I had jsut been run over by a truck, and 12 hours later I’d be bouncing off the walls. Definitely a different feeling than the sunday after a DE Squat session. However, I wasn’t a big fan of the gains I made on the one training cycle that I did. Basically I just missed westside and thats why I went back to it. I was doing a S-End cycle tho, so take that for what it’s worth. I could give more in-depth thoughts if anyone’s interested

Yeah I dont know. I tried starting the tier system, and to be honest, I only tried it today, with priority going to total body. After deadlifting however, I was destroyed. I couldn’t hardly move the bar at all when squatting.

Also, my form blows. Im working on it, but it sucks, and I feel westside affords me more flexibility to do form work in the DE sessions. So this is what I was thinking of doing. To give myself more days to run/try and get a sled/try and get some strongman stuff, I was going to try a sort of 3-day a week Westside style. I would still do 2 ME and 2 DE exersizes, but my DE bench which would normally come at the end of the week would be the first workout in the next week.

Any thoughts? I know I didnt really give tier much of a chance, but I really like westside which Ive used for the past 5 months or so. Would the 3 day a week westside give me good gains? I need to increase my speed foremost, so I want the days to do it. Suggestions?

Take a quick look at my WSB OL program. I have two threads, one is about the program itself (I think its on page 2 of strength sport forum) and the training log on page 1. Its working great for me, if you have any questions PM me and try to answer.

Where exactly are the logs at?

Also, I was just remembering DeFranco’s Westside for skinny bastards. Both he, and I know Big Martin have both talked about dynamic work being unnecessary for those who arent strong, like me. (unfortunately). Would something like that, or a proximation of it be good? I like Dynamic work as it helps me with my form, but should I continue if it hinders my growth? Plus, with my proposed 3-day split, some weeks i would only do one ME lift.

when they say DE work isnt for people who arent strong what are the numbers that you should be putting up before doing DE me personally i started doing DE excercises on a 250 pound bench max and now im trying to get my first 500 bench in a meet im going to later this summer it may or may not have been the smartest thing to do as 4 years ago i didnt know much about training and jumped into the westside scheme but i have almost added 250 pounds to my max